Halo 3 Brings Actor Close to Tears

Halo 3 is already far into development and Bungie is busy recording the performances from its cast of voice actors. One of those is Jen Taylor, who is reprising the role of Cortana, Master Chief's holographic muse. According to Taylor (who, incidentally, also plays Princess Peach for Nintendo), the darker tone of this third instalment is making for a more emotional experience.

"There's a lot more drama and a lot less technical jargon this time around," Taylor said in a post on Bungie's site. "I actually just finished a couple of lines that nearly had me in tears. For an actor, more drama is always good."

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Rasputin20114320d ago

I think that the storyline (besides the kick ass gameplay & Visuals) is what seperates Halo from the other fountain pop versions of a FPS.

On a seperate note Halo 3 better live up to the hype because not only did the first two Halo's ROCK but Gears of War also left some BIG ass shoes to fill.

StateofMind4320d ago

In regards of storyline, Gears of War doesn't deserve to be mentioned within an hour before or after the word Halo is spoken.

PS3n3604320d ago

Marcus has some bloody huge shoes. you could stuff the masterchief inside just one COG boot.

Mr Murda4320d ago

The HALO story is phenomenal and yet there are so many that knock it. The games themselves tell a great tale on their own, but if you get into the books then it offers up so much more. The story of the Chief and his adventure is one part of a much bigger tale, and there are times in the games (and obviously the novels) where there is heavy emotion. I wouldn't be totally surprised to see some MAJOR characters die in this final HALO, and in fact I'm expecting it. The HALO games/books are a story of an epic battle with several heroes, and there is no doubt Bungie will not leave us disappointed with the story this time around.

RedGr3mlin4320d ago

Is right.
IF you look at other games the story is often just based on tex: Monster attacks earth, you are the last soldier and you have to kick some alien ass true 26+ levels and then a Big ass boss at the end. joust to see your mates in the end come and say: good work, you are a real soldier!.

Halo is different.
Ass -1- says the have pushed the game play and gfx to the extreme in all the halo games and i think that Halo 3 wont let us down in that.

Yes, GOW is a big game and had made BIG shoes for MC to fill.
Butt if the Actor for Halo3 starts crying i rely think that Halo 3 is going to be something we have never seen before.

Maybe not in the Gfx, butt in the story, i think the story in Halo 3 will be hard to forget. First of all because it the Last game in a trilogy, And if you think back, its infact the FIRST game that is truly ending a trilogy on the 360/Xbox.
So 4 the actors i can understand if they are crying, they have been working with this games (halo 1 + 2+ 3+ ) and now they see there "baby"
finally soon ready to go out in the world and once and for all say goodbye to his parents that have been nursing him in 3 BIG game years.

So i don`t think that its joust the GAME that makes the Actor Cry, i think its the feeling that this is the last game, and this is the last time they will make the Coice 4 that actor that they are doing...
its a biog thing, maybe not 4 uss players, some of uss will joust play it true and then close the halo 3 box and putt it in a drawer butt for the makers of the game its a Big Farewell to a Massive game that have shaken the Game community every time MC has come out and kicked some ass.

So ok, GOW has some BIG SHOES butt i think Halo 3 will fill them over the sides, in story, Feeling, and Twists.

And remember, GOW and HALO 3/2/1 is on the same console (xbox360/Xbox)
So against Rfom and Mgs4, well you know how it will end.

ANd 4 thy ho don't really know that.. GOW is a trilogy 2.
So when the time comes 4 the last game in that trilogy to i think it will make the same feelings 4 the actors that Halo 3 is doing now.

Thanks 4 me.

HandShandy4320d ago

...Halo 3 is why I am holding on to my Xbox360.

I've always loved the first game and hopefully the great installment of the third one (I trust M$ they will throw everything at this title to make it great) Will highlight the overated naffness of Halo 2.

The story for these games is epic (I admit... I read the Halo Books, lol) Bring it on Halo.

In years to come I was thinking how fantastic it would be if they totally re-vamped the First Halo just like they did with Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid on the game cube.

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