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Warning: Explicit Adult Content

D-Dub Software's BoneTown has made quite a splash in the gaming community, with a steady flow of negative reaction from the masses. But has D-Dub made a huge mistake with their title or have they opened the door for the creative minds of future developers? (Culture)

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bgrundman  +   2486d ago
I am one for free speech an all, but I have some serious reservations about where this could lead.
roblef  +   2486d ago
I like free speech. What bothers me more is that there's a market for this sort of crap.
CrAppleton  +   2486d ago
That's why it would be regulated.. you would only see the things you wanted to see
Neco512  +   2486d ago
nice article and you make valid points, but this is wrong
- Ghost of Sparta -  +   2485d ago
Playing the demo right now and all I can say is BoneTown OWNS!
roblef  +   2486d ago
Seriously, this game is WRONG. On so many levels. It's offensive to women, ethnic minorities, men, and porn stars. It's like one long troll post on a forum.
CrAppleton  +   2486d ago
I agree.. but it's what the game is doing for the gaming industry on a whole.. not just the crap that comes in their box
Neco512  +   2486d ago
thats true this would be a big step for gaming
S1CKLY  +   2486d ago
a big step in the wrong direction you mean.. gaming takes enough flak as it is.. now it's going to get the combined flak of the gaming and porn industry?
CrAppleton  +   2486d ago
I truly believe that even though this game looks like total trash, it will open the doors to better content in the future
roblef  +   2486d ago
That's probably a good point, and it's the one made in the article. I don't disagree with that at all. Sad that THIS is the way we get free speech, rather than thought provoking art.
Neco512  +   2486d ago
it is sad
CrAppleton  +   2486d ago
free speech doesn't come easy
roblef  +   2486d ago
Yay Free Speech! Boo stupid lowest-common-denominator misogynist crap!
bgrundman  +   2486d ago
CrAppleton  +   2486d ago
Neco512  +   2486d ago
yeah thats what i got from this
Shadow580  +   2486d ago
Well when you cant find a relationship all you have to turn to is bonetown I guess
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CrAppleton  +   2486d ago
LMFAO.. now THAT is sad.. haha
roblef  +   2486d ago
hah! excellent point. I forgot about all the horny teens out there with no brains! ;)
mjones1994  +   2486d ago
I am a 14 year old and i find this very sick, what sort of people make this.
LokMessier  +   2486d ago
People who have very vivid fantasies that they know would land them in jail if they performed these in real life. So they then move to the internet and produce this game for their amusement as well as others. Sad really, but meh; they'll probably grow out of it soon if and when they find a nice woman.
bgrundman  +   2486d ago
At least you would hope that they can grow out of it.
LokMessier  +   2486d ago
Yep, one can only hope otherwise we will wind up with BoneTown 2 :/
METtAL-GAMER  +   2486d ago
Bone town(if successful) could be able to stretch the video game ratings to allow more blood, gore and stuff like that so this title looks to be a good move for the gaming industry.Just look at the movie industry, they are still doing good, they just have another section for their adult movies.
Kinetix  +   2486d ago
Brings up a whole new meaning to hardcore gaming huh?
Neco512  +   2486d ago
yes it does
Bladestar  +   2486d ago
I think they whole Freedom of speech right is abused...

There is no such thing as freedom of speech; if there was such thing then that means:

* I should be able to walk in the street and tell a lady to have have sexy time without end in Jail or probably shot by her husband.

* Should be able to go say as bunch of bad things about Muslims without being threat to be beheaded... just like Muslims can talk freely/negatively about Christians (infidels) and other religions.

* I should be able to talk openly against Obama just like people talk against bush without being accused racist. (is ok to call Bush red neck... but try calling obama a name).

* A white man comedian should be able to make jokes about black people on public television (just like black comedians do about whites) without being accused of racist and lose his job.

Bottom line... Freedom of speech is conditional and conveniently adapted to certain criteria... it means many things to many people.

This is why in Japan is ok to have naked teens in games and cartoons but it's not ok to have blood.

I am ok with people being able to expose their art... also to be able to say what's on their minds... but let's be clear about one thing... Freedom of speech is an illusion and exploited by many to get their interest deliver and is alter when they want to.
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Kinetix  +   2486d ago
There is no such thing as freedom or rights, just the Permission to do things. Freedom and rights can be taken away when the government or another entity if you will feels like it. These developers or whatever will and can create anything they feel like it so long they don't piss off the wrong people.
Neco512  +   2486d ago
movies piss off alot of peopel yet they still make them, so your point?
ps3 is my champion  +   2486d ago
Yall are retarded
This game looks awesome, lol
Neco512  +   2486d ago
lol ok
Enigma_2099  +   2485d ago
Well, regardless of content...
... let's remember one thing... there's these little things on game boxes... something to do about content ratings... anyway, those might come in handy if you say, want to have some idea of what you're getting into when you buy a game.
Enigma_2099  +   2483d ago
... actually intend to buy this. I'm old enough.

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