EA has officially closed Need for Speed Studio BlackBox

Black box, the studio responsible for the Need for Speed and Skate franchises has officially been given the chop. EA has said in a press release

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- Ghost of Sparta -3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Well it's about time. Sucks for Skate though.

micro_invader3561d ago

Hopefully they continue with the Skate franchise, maybe they'll assign it to a different studio.


Looks like burnout and midnight club LA are the king of street racing now But U have to give props to need for speed,yes the latest sucked but they have giving us classic back in the day.

I take my hat of for the death of need for speed.R.I.P :'(

Danja3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

the NFS franchise wont be cancelled , EA has already stated that Criterion will be making the next NFS they have 2 other internal studios that will be working on the franchise also...on a yearly basis.

Rock Bottom3561d ago

One less EA internal Studio = Less franchise whoring.

gaminoz3561d ago

There are way too many open-world racers set in the USA already. Burnout now going that way too just makes it too crowded. Plus releasing a game a year is bound to bore even the most avid Need For Speed fan.

paul-p19883559d ago

i really hope Skate 2 is/gets finished, i was really looking forward to that, i loved the original

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rucky3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

OMG they totally ruined the franchise. Nice going EA! >:(

Elven63561d ago

This is why the system needs to change, publishers ask their developers to meet strict and times unthinkable deadlines which the developers are not able to meet. The game then gets reviewed horribly or sells like crap and the publisher ends up blaming the developer almost always putting them higher up on the chopping block list. Eidos did this with Core Design (The Company that put Eidos on the map mind you) and Tomb Raider, EA did this without a few studios as well, etc

Thinks really need to change!

MegaMohsi3561d ago

They published games such as Crysis/Warhead and Battlefield Bad Company and in no way rushed their development. Maybe these developers just sucked?

Elven63561d ago

Aside from DICE none of those were EA owned studios, how do you know it was not rushed? Also consider those aren't yearly franchises either.

SullyDrake3561d ago

Thank god we get Trophies out of the box, pun fully intended.

locos853561d ago

So is Skate 2 being passed on or Cancelled???

Rich16313561d ago

It will be released, likely it was complete. It was only a month away and games go gold by then. Just don't expect any support/patches or DLC.

goflyakite3561d ago

Dammit, I totally forgot that BlackBox did Skate.
That really sucks.

mjones19943561d ago

Thank god for this crap seris to end.

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