Crackdown Fans To Decide Achievements

During to course of Major Nelson's interview with BIG VIP on his Podcast, it has being revealed that Real Time Worlds will be relying on fans of the game to help them make up the remaining 100 achievement points for Crackdown. Right now the game has only 900 points which can be unlocked by getting all the 43 Achievements available but new rules state that all retail games must contain 1000 points.

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PS360PCROCKS3634d ago

Hahaha COOL! "Pile up 15 cars and explode them" or "take a body to the highest building and throw it off" haha these new achievements could end up being really funny.

bigmack3633d ago

this game sucks anyway..

Darth Gamer3633d ago

Do you have anything constructive or objective to say to back up your claims. You said the same thing in the other thread too. If not, stay out of the crackdown threads and go back to the playstation ones where you obviously belong.

Yo Wassap3633d ago

What was that supposed to mean?

I think the body one 360rocks is already in the game, i just can't wait to see the other ones though. If the memory for objects in the game is better than the demo i will be elated

Booneral3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

this guy must be demented, leave him alone.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3633d ago

Human Bowling: Kill/Mame at least 10 people in a row-at the same time, with a car/truck etc...

Field Goal: Kick a person a certain height/distance.

Boink3633d ago

let the people decide.

20 points kill 10 bad guys with 1 car!