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Podcast: DF #40 - Reistance 2 + SOCOM = We Suck

This week's show is our final "real" show of 2008. We discuss our love for Persona 4 once again(the game is awesome). Rob and Gus reminisce about their brief experience with Resistance 2 and how much they both suck at SOCOM: Confrontation. Much love is shown for the possible GOTY--Dash of Destruction. After all is said and done, we discuss our first "favorite" games and make fun of Rob for being the anti-PC gamer. (Culture, PS3, Resistance 2, SOCOM: Confrontation)

tatotiburon  +   2351d ago
SOCOM the game is broke, another FLOP
ravinshield  +   2351d ago
Reistance 2 + SOCOM = FONY Sucks
both games are sh1t
MegaMohsi  +   2351d ago
Have you played it after the patch? It's apparent you haven't.
ShAkKa  +   2351d ago
i don`t think he has played even before the patch.
Mr_Bun  +   2351d ago
You know very well that tattertot's allowance doesn't allow for a PS3....besides, the only thing broken are the several million 360s with RRoD
jcfilth  +   2351d ago
Web sites should do a re-review of SOCOM. I'm sure the results will shut these clowns up.
Magic_The_Celt  +   2351d ago
man blackcurrent jelly babies are nasty
Stryfeno2  +   2351d ago
I was thinking about purchasing SOCOM from a friend for $20, but after all the problems he told me he is still having I declined.
Magic_The_Celt  +   2351d ago
Yeah man dont bother, the online issues are awful

doshey  +   2351d ago
way to spell resistance right
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Kush  +   2350d ago
I know that I happened to spell "Resistance" wrong in the title...big deal, it's a simple mistake.
WANNA GET HIGH  +   2351d ago
I admit socom sucks.But resistance2 is EPIC.....The boss fights in the game are just amazing,u feel like ur watching a movie.
Nineball2112  +   2351d ago
I believe the title is misleading. They aren't saying the game sucks... they are saying that THEY suck at the game.
Panthers  +   2351d ago
And Socom is great.... they just suck at the game. It is because the game is not noob friendly.
Ju  +   2350d ago
True. I suck in Socom, but I think the game is great - just need more practice (I am happy to get 1 or 2 kills:)
BattleAxe  +   2350d ago
I played Socom for a few years on the PS2, but it baffles me that some people actually think that the new Socom is good.

Then you get these guys talking about how they are "Socom Vets" and how the game isn't "noob friendly" and then they complain about what weapons people use.

The new Socom sucks, and R2 wasn't that great. I beat R2 and played the online for a couple of weeks and I'm ready to trade it in.

The Socom community is terrible nowadays and everyone that plays that game thinks they are the shiznit.
Wolfmoonstrike  +   2351d ago
Umm, wow dude
@wanna get high
Way to read a paragraph. I've heard of people not reading the article or not listening to the podcast, but you're one of the few who justs read the title and post.

"Rob and Gus reminisce about their brief experience with Resistance 2 and how much they both suck at SOCOM: Confrontation."
They suck not the games suck.
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r1000  +   2351d ago
I'm sorry but R2 was pretty disappointing... i won't say it was BAD.. but....
Panthers  +   2351d ago
Dont just read the title. They are not talking about the game sucking...
WANNA GET HIGH  +   2351d ago
LOL... :D
Wolfmoonstrike  +   2351d ago
well at least
you can laugh lol. Just for being a good sport here's a bubble lol
nirun  +   2351d ago
well well well. is it or me or do a lot of these reviewers from other sites lean towards bashing gameplay from Sony's shooters because they absolutely suck at them? Guess what? Resistance 2 isn't the same game as halo. Additionally, just because you own at cod4 doesn't mean you'll do the same at socom.

Learning curve motherfockers, axe about it.
Socomer 1979  +   2351d ago
I know they suck!
You can't really own in these games without a mic.

Its team oriented. Duh!

Alone you are lethal. As a team you dominate.
Invest in your headset today. Or just use your old ps2 mic.
aiphanes  +   2351d ago
I just bought Socom confrontation....
Just to get the headset....I should have it in a few days. They updated socom...so it does not suck anymore...plus technically I got it for $10...since the headset cost $50...

R2 rules...it is so fun in co-op...lets hope they add more new modes to it in an update..

Killzone 2 will rule them all in feburary...
Torch  +   2351d ago
SOCOM Scares Me
Bought the game last week along with a slew of other titles, but despite numerous efforts, I have been unable to insert the CD and play, in fear that my manhood will become pulverized the moment the game begins.

With so many hardcore SOCOM fans out there, I'll no doubt be easy, easy pickings. Wonder if the game will allow me to dress my character up in a flourescent orange jumpsuit, clown shoes, an illuminated ten gallon hat, and a big sign that says "I'm Special!"...might as well, because I'm sure that's how easily I'll stand out with all the veterans out there.

My cousin - who's a diehard SOCOM fan, and who's been on top of the leaderboards in the PS2 version - was merciful enough to ask me if I wanted to join his clan. I'm like, "uh...I don't think you want me in your clan." Can just imagine how that one'll play out with my teammates:

"<SIGH!>...OK, who's covering the retarted guy this round?"
Panthers  +   2351d ago
Dont be afraid to get killed a few times. Once you get your first kill, it will feel so rewarding. I would say play respawn first, but that would just ruin the experience. Just jump in and practice.

EDIT: there are plenty of people who didnt get their first kill until a week or more of playing. The game is great though once you get into your stride
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Larry Fine  +   2351d ago
I only think Socom sucks
When I die, I get so pissed but I get over it and get my 3 kills a round.
bviperz  +   2351d ago
Boy o' boy
Glad I'm not the only one who is below average at console shooters!
eagle21  +   2351d ago
R2 is for hardcore gamers.
G2 is for softcore. lol

xplay 5/5 for R2. It rocks.
Lekumkee  +   2350d ago
NVM... I'm not gonna listen to a whole no-name podcast to even bother..
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hendersonman  +   2350d ago
I am Rob from the DF podcast
I was not saying that Resistance 2 sucked. I like Resistance 2 online co-op and Socom. I just happen to not been in practice.

However Resistance 2 was giving us problems when trying to team up, and that did annoy me and we explain why in the podcast. Please listen and dont hate. We are gamers at heart, and if something pisses us off, we let people know.
Lombax  +   2350d ago
Here's the full title of the podcast:

Reistance 2 + SOCOM = We Suck at playing video games.

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