Podcast: DF #40 - Reistance 2 + SOCOM = We Suck

This week's show is our final "real" show of 2008. We discuss our love for Persona 4 once again(the game is awesome). Rob and Gus reminisce about their brief experience with Resistance 2 and how much they both suck at SOCOM: Confrontation. Much love is shown for the possible GOTY--Dash of Destruction. After all is said and done, we discuss our first "favorite" games and make fun of Rob for being the anti-PC gamer.

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tatotiburon3137d ago

SOCOM the game is broke, another FLOP

MegaMohsi3137d ago

Have you played it after the patch? It's apparent you haven't.

ShAkKa3137d ago

i don`t think he has played even before the patch.

Mr_Bun3137d ago

You know very well that tattertot's allowance doesn't allow for a PS3....besides, the only thing broken are the several million 360s with RRoD

jcfilth3137d ago

Web sites should do a re-review of SOCOM. I'm sure the results will shut these clowns up.

Magic_The_Celt3137d ago

man blackcurrent jelly babies are nasty

Stryfeno23137d ago

I was thinking about purchasing SOCOM from a friend for $20, but after all the problems he told me he is still having I declined.

Magic_The_Celt3137d ago

Yeah man dont bother, the online issues are awful


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The story is too old to be commented.