The Next Next-Gen Consoles

Gameplayer Writes:
Xbox 720? Wii Number Twos? PlayStation 4? The industry's predilection for trying to guess what the next round of consoles will be is never ending. And while we're only now starting to really enjoy the Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 – with developers finally getting used to each machine's architecture – it's actually a very interesting time to examine just how these companies might move forwards in an industry that is growing bigger and bigger every year.

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Danja3587d ago

hmm sorta interesting , but I think the PS3 has made things alot easier for Sony to develop the PS4 all they need to do is add a uber powerful graphics card , multiple cell chips , Tons of RAM and they're good

Blu Ray will be included in the PS3 so that's a given ' plus 1TB HDD , yet still making it upgradeable also

RebornSpy3587d ago

Seriously, the PS3 is great, but I feel that Sony's killing with its terrible marketing campaign.

It's hard not to notice that everyone in college has a 360 or a Wii, but only a few of us have PS3's. It's because the 360 and Wii are, or are marketed as, very affordable. That's a huge plus during a recession.

Basically, the next Playstation could be the best system ever, and it would sell terribly if Sony doesn't improve in that aspect. The average person would rather buy a worse system if it's cheaper. It's not that complicated. And many console owners are far less informed than those of us here on N4G.

Kill Crow3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

gotta LOL at that .... no one can realistically even able to utilise a single cell properly yet, without incredible investment and dev times that aren't deliverable ... now you think chucking in a few more is gonna be cool and that it's going to be easier for the PS4 ... The PS3 is not short of power by any means ... !!!

jaysquared3587d ago

can't wait to see what the next Xbox will offer. The 360 really had a lot of innovation when it first came out. Achievements, wireless controllers, being able to power up your consoles remotely, Xbox guide button, and all the great XBL features that were added with the 360. NXE was a great addition to the 360 specially the netflix streaming. Can't wait to see what will be offered next. I expect the next Xbox will have blu ray drive with a better capabilities than the PS3s drive. It will be faster so there would be no need for installs. But who knows.. M$ seems to see the future as not having optical media. With the storage capacities of flash drives these days we might see that in the next consoles. Would probably mean no more loading times!

Danja3587d ago

new flash buddy but PS3 owners have been experiencing no loading times in games for quite awhile ...

even HAZE managed to do

ne ways ur post provided a good laugh...thnx..XD

Nicaragua173587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Is this guy serious? LOL all I can say is Uncharted:Drake's Fortune,ZERO load times.I bet if this guy got a ps3 he would think he's in the future.

rucky3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Oh yeah buddy flash drives would definitely be a problem for hackers and digital pirates. Saying the next XBOX will use streaming would've been more plausible since they kept reiterating that "digital download" is the "future".

RebornSpy3587d ago

A prime example is Metal Gear Solid 4. Sometimes it seemed I spent more times in loading screens than actually fighting(particularly at the end of the South American part when you're on top of the APC).

I'm not saying that the 360's any better, but that game had the most noticeably annoying load times of any game I've ever played(minus the first stuntman).

Kill Crow3587d ago

Rubbish ... PS3 games have loading times just like any other console, not to mention the forced HDD installs ...

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Nicaragua173587d ago

I can't wait for the PS4,it will have graphics that look better than real life.Xbox 720? LOL.

Nogames08_09_360RROD3587d ago

honestly i don't think there will be a Xbox 720, they have had 2 generations to prove themselves in the console market and have blown it. I think in 2009 the Sh1tbox 3-Fix-Me will RIP.

MerkinMax3587d ago

Microsoft has done well so far but I do agree with you that the PS3 will outlast the 360 because of reliability and power. Anyone with a brain knows that the PS3 still has untold power.

INehalemEXI3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

complex Motion controls ( ) and 3D glasses along with the traditional Dual Shock 4 is what I would like to see. As well as the types of upgrades Danja listed.

when the system launches I want a game that utilizes the complex motion controls and 3D glasses in the same game and I want it to be something that I can only describe as a blend of Bioshock, Kotor, oblivion, shenmue, KZ2 and yakuza in 3D of course.

TheIneffableBob3587d ago

We're still calling these consoles "next-gen"?

Max Power3587d ago

it's getting a bit ridiculous.

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