500k Blu-Ray Casino Royal copies for Playstation Network users

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced that, in addition to the extensive line-up of games, the first 500,000 purchasers of the PS3 who register on the Playstation Network will receive a Blu-ray disc movie of Casino Royale.

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videogamenews4327d ago

Added some extra content to the story on the original source.

videogamenews4327d ago

And this is the original story, approve this one and report the other! :P

Marty83704327d ago

'IGN' is where the original story was posted.I tipped it 6hrs ago.

Torch4327d ago

Talladega Nights...sheesh.

r10004327d ago

Yea Talladega was crap..... I would love to find someone who found that movie funny

techie4327d ago

Didn't even surface over here - don't think it was meant for us Europeans...

Bring on Bond! That's a great offer...but I probably won't be getting a ps3 until the summer :( Oh well

HandShandy4327d ago

So this is the little "Thanks for your money" offering we are given with the PS3. The PSP gave you a free UMD of Spiderman and a UMD case holder when you first signed up your PSP.

It's annoying that I can't get this free movie because I have a US the UK. shhhh..

techie4327d ago

Fool. There are going to be some problems with that aren't there - like online play - or setting up a credit card?

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The story is too old to be commented.