MS offers 360 some love on Valentine's Day

No date this Valentine's day? No problem, your Xbox 360 will take good care of you. Thanks to Microsoft you needn't drink yourself into a depressed White Lightning stupor this February 14, as there are a number of exciting activities going down on Xbox Live.

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bigmack3725d ago

because its [email protected]

PS360PCROCKS3725d ago

That sits all screwed up it's not working haha...and big mack every single post of yours is retarded and immature, this is the 3rd on in a row, what is their no good PS3 news today, well ever, so your trying to bash our stuff?

CyberSentinel3725d ago

"what is their no good PS3 news today, well ever,....."

bigmack3725d ago

it works here, so tht means your computer sucks. just like xbox

PS360PCROCKS3725d ago

the microsoft website you idiot