Fight Night Round 3 Wii could happen

In a recent interview with DogHouse Boxing, EA producer Michael Blank revealed that the company is currently in the talking stage of planning a Fight Night Round 3 for the Nintendo Wii.

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Torch4296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

This is specifically one of the primary things I was yearning for when I decided to pick up my Wii...

...Wii Punchout 2007, anyone???

I just hope to God that the motion-sensing is significatly more accurate and responsive than Wii Boxing - a game I love but is damn frustrating due to it's inability to accurately register punching motions.

quantae064296d ago

I thought about this game coming to the Wii. I was thinking it might be too hard because their is alot of swinging in this game. It seems like it'll be alot fun to play with your friends though.