U.S. Release Date Revision (02.12.07)

Updated US Release Chart from IGN. Tekken 5:DR date confirmed and College Hoops 2K7 delayed.

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bigmack4207d ago

can't wait for it too. I pre-order Virtua Fighter 5,MotorStorm,Oblivion and Virtua Tennis 3. So yea, im set.

sabbath4204207d ago

Been waiting for so long and all you get is that in march. woo woo. your set!

bigmack4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

your the sad one for even being here. why do you care, you dont have a ps3. you have to wait even longer for your halo3 garbage..

sephcor94207d ago

I didn't see Lair in that list anywhere.

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