Rumor: Bioshock for PS3?

OPM UK have quite bluntly stated that the recently announced "Microsoft exclusive" will indeed be heading to the Playstation 3 in their March 2007 issue. Originally slated for Xbox 360, Vista and Playstation 3, Bioshock was shot down from the PS3 line up when Microsoft announced at CES that it would be a Microsoft exclusive.

Here are some scans from OPM UK:

Hit the Jump for the images and more info.

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UrbanJabroni4300d ago

Rather than fighting, let's just all assume that this and every other game on the planet that isn't PUBLISHED by Sony or Microsoft is going to be released for both systems. It makes the most financial sense, lowers expectations, shuts fanboys up and lets us move on with our lives.

So, Bioshock and Lost Planet to the PS3, MGS4 and Devil May Cry to the 360. Until it is released and six months passes, we're all going to be going through these bullshit threads for EVERY FRICKIN' GAME, who cares?

Of course, this thread will now revert to the usual garbage. Enjoy!

And for the love of God, I'm making an example of the foolishness of these rumors and the 70 pages of ensuing comments, the first person to say "MGS 4 is NEVER coming to the 360", thus nullifying the please for peace, gets introduced as the first person on my ignore list. Good Luck!

eques judicii4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

gotta love the random and never heard of source... yippee

plus, they are referencing the remote comment from the march 2006 issue of OPM UK that has since been rebuked and occasionally resurfacing...

CompGeek4300d ago

I think it only ever was a TIMED exclusive.

Arkham4299d ago

Tell that to theMart.

Sevir044300d ago

fanbois need to just leave this alone... unless this was from a new issue of OPM then this is utter dog crap. lol!! why did i just waist another bubble to comment on something that has been shot down and debunked by Bioware and! nuff said

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The story is too old to be commented.