Couple's online gaming causes infant's death

In Korea, a couple in Incheon, South Korea, were arrested last week when their 4-month-old daughter died after being left alone by the couple for hours. The parents had left their child unattended while they went to a local Internet cafe to catch up on their WoW...

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DixieNormS3960d ago

MODS should know that this story has been posted before numerous times.

Legend4ry3960d ago

I did do a full search of the site, using key words I believed would be used, didn't find anything relating to the story. It is still IMO a worthy story, as it depicts the direction games are going :O

AP3960d ago

I think it's the writing that hurts this story more than anything. It's really badly written and so just feels spam/bloggy as opposed to news.

Chexd3960d ago

agreed!! the writing in my opinion was VERY insensitive! verging on offensive.

I do think it is news and even if it is old it has not been posted before in months as far as im aware.

jerseynets043960d ago

its the parents stupidity + ignorance that caused the infants death, not the game

ChickeyCantor3960d ago

but then realize, allot of idiotic things happen because of wow

PureGamer3960d ago

Im Sorry for your loss Themart.

ChickeyCantor3959d ago

i love the magic button called REPORT!