Skype Coming to PSP?

Rumours are speculating that Sony are officially integrating Skype into the PSP. This reference to Skype is hidden in the decrypted version of vshmain.prx from Firmware 3.10, basically the latest firmware if you don't count 3.11. Nobody has yet checked the presence of its reference in the latest firmware (3.11) but it's most probably there since not much has changed between the two firmwares

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Baller444324d ago

skype can be kinda lame.i dont want that piece of junk on my psp.

SimmoUK4324d ago

Brilliant news if true!

Free calls as long as you are connected to a wireless internet connection! make room O2!

handheldnews4324d ago

But most the time you wont be connected to the internet :s

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