Japan Virtua Fighter 5 Selling Slow

Early reports are that Virtua Fighter 5 isn't exactly flying off store shelves. AsoBitCity in Akihabara had a hands-on for customers that was so slow, a Sega employee apparently killed time by playing the title alone. And why should it be a hit? Sure, VF hasn't really matter to most Western gamers since, oh, 1997, but the game has a huge following in Japan.

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Anerythristic263877d ago

is that Japan is Nintendo crazy. I wouldn't call Virtu Fighter a system seller as they really want to play it in the arcade setting in Japan. In the US where arcades a few and far between it will sell better.

Funky Town_TX3877d ago

Maybe the japanese gamers want something new. Bad for Sega if it's true. Games usually sale better when they first come out.

bigmack3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

but it will sell here great. i already pre-order it.

an other thing,(off topic) the video for FLOW is in the PS store and a new ps1 classic.

Apocalypse Shadow3877d ago

when it comes here,it's already bought and bagged for will pick up there.but if that controller thing is true,sega had better fix it soon.

Montrealien3877d ago

They dont want to play it at home, thay want to play it in an arcade...

Grown Folks Talk3877d ago

they are waiting for soulcalibur iv. i'll whup all of you with maxi or kilik. =}

THAMMER13877d ago

Lets get it done then. Maxi and Kilik are my fav. characters too.

Bebedora3877d ago

: ) Heard alot about it (never played it), and I must say, a cool coment none the less! I mean, VF5 and a

Grown Folks Talk3877d ago

what are you talking about? who mentioned a JRPG?

Bebedora3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

..suikoden IV? ...there you go. I saw my own fault...sry man.

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The story is too old to be commented.