PS3 Dev: "It's great hardware-it really is!"

Factor 5's co-founder and president Julian Eggebrecht talks PS3 development and about upcoming title Lair. He also points out why Factor 5 went with Sony over Wii and Xbox 360 and will probably remain that way.

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Jrocks_4_ever4270d ago

These developers are starting to get this cell/RSX thing together and then spread the knowledge to other developers. Like i always say and will continue to say.... Its just a matter of time for sony and time is on their side. And when its time RIP to Wii and yes the X360....

You dont have to agree with me.. Go ahead and flame this comment, your only going to make yourself look very stupid and embarrassed in the near future.


NoUseMerc4270d ago

I think that Sony has a vision and we just need to give everything time. People forget that the Xbox 360 was facing hard times when it first launched. There really weren't that many games out for it and it had all sorts of problems. The Xbox 360 has been out for almost 2 years now and the PS3 is already almost caught up? Don't you think the PS3 deserves a little credit?

THWIP4270d ago

Sony and the PS3 game devs had MORE time than those working on the 360 launch. Sony and MS started work on the next-gen around the same time, with Sony getting a jump start on R&D for Cell and Blu-Ray by about a year. ALL games begin on PCs, and are then optimized for the console specs/hardware their intended for. To think a game like Lair would look any better, if they'd had MORE time, is retarded.

And no, the PS3 isn't NEARLY "caught up"....not in graphics, sales, or online...NOTHING.

hfaze4270d ago

"To think a game like Lair would look any better, if they'd had MORE time, is retarded."

So in a nutshell, you're saying that optimization of the game code to the architecture it is targeted for WON'T make a game look better??? LOL...

So I guess game developers should shove out thier games half-baked since spending the time to actually optimize the game is retarded...


OH... I needed a good laugh... ;-)

blackmagic4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

The 360 has been out for 1year and 3months which is no where near 2 years. Also, sony released dev kits to developers during the E3 2005 time period, the same time frame that developers got 360 dev kits and ps3 hardware was finalized over 6 months ago. At E3 2005 games like resistance, motorstorm, lair and killzone 2 were already in development and Sony even released many videos that they claimed were running 'in engine, real time' at that time so really, how can games with 3+ years of development and 2 years with dev kits be considered to not have had enough time? It's just a matter of time, just wait and see. I'm tired of hearing it, sony already got an extra year to get it together. I already waited to see. The time has already passed. And don't give me any of that 2nd gen crap, Resistance was in development for the same amount of time as gears. Gears is the first game epic has ever published on the 360 using a game engine that has never been used in any other game published on the 360 before it. It is a first generation game.

techie4269d ago

We all know the ps3 is harder to work with than the simple why argue who started first - ps3 will be behind for a while. But heres the thing - if the xbox360 is so easy to work with they may well get the best out of it very soon and have no where to go - which isn't that much of a bad thing since the games look amazing now.

But the ps3 is like a block of marble that needs to be chisled away over a few years (just like ps2 - God of War2 looks amazing) to see what can really be made of it.

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TheMART4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Please post this interview, it's too dumb to be true actually, but a good read for a laugh:

"We had huge fights with Microsoft basically going back and forth about, “Please, please, please, please put an HDMI port in there, because only then can you really see the graphics,”

Oh please. That's an insane statement... With component and VGA, you'll be just fine and people won't even notice ANY difference, especially under 60 inch you'll be just fine. Saying you can only really see the graphics with HDMI. WTF dudes, what kind of Sony campaing bullsh!t is that???

Oh wait, that's why Gears of War has the best graphics on the 360 with component... rigghhhttttt Please if you can only say stupid things like this, please shut up. It's like we hear Barbie Ken talking himself

@ Jrocks_4_ever (below)

Ofcourse mate. Gears is the max the 360 will have. Now you made yourself look incredible stupid. Every gen console shows that the games compared the first few years and the last step up so much in graphics etc. Same with Gears. Gears of War 2 will shock you again. It's like saying that Resistance will be the max the PS3 will get. Ofcourse not. But Resistance doesn't look so good as Gears. They had a half year extra on the PS3 games by the delay of Sony launching it. So the games should have been so much better then the 360 versions of multiplayer games. But they don't.

The PS3 is just a videoplayer that can do some games, but not as good as the 360 which is first and foremost a gaming console.

Hahaha Genji looks better then Gears. You're on crack dude. You just lost your head. Genji have you seen the scores and reviews? Hahaha Please. Don't even go there. I don't even trust you in anything anymore you're saying. You're plain lying. Your friend is probably made up. You haven't played it obviously, there are more then enough enemies on screen.

HDMI is not needed period. Every real hardware analist, hardware seller, anyone with real knowledge or someone that can actually really compare

LIKE TOP GAMER who has a PS3, a 360 and all the games available, can tell you all 360 versions of games look better. Period. And he is much, much more trustworthy then you or any other fanboy.

@ scottie2521

Read again. What I say about HDMI and screens is legit info. If you don't think so, argue on points. Sony fans always seem to run off in terms like 'loser' when they know someone else is right. Give me proof what I say isn't correct. Because it is correct, and you'll find out yourself man.

Jrocks_4_ever4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

there is a big difference when it comes to hdmi over component.. I dont know you if you ever got a chance to see Fight Night 3 live infront of you between ps3 and x360, but I just seen it yesterday over my buddys house. I took my ps3 over there and yes MR. MARTY....He said that it does look alot better and more real on the ps3. As far as GOW, that is the max the x360 got, having two years plus of development time with a lot easier system and dev tools. That game is sacrificing a whole lot, Like small numbers characters on the screen and length of gameplay and constant ongoing physics and only four multiplayer online. LOL... The only thing that GOW have is pretty graphics. I could say that Genji Looks better than GOW. Laugh if you want to but Genji is a freakin gorgeous looking game with bad gameplay. And when the gameshows reviewed Genji they said the samething. I have seen it live on my plasma and have seen GOW live on my buddys plasma. GOW is boring and definately over rated. My buddy dont even play GOW anymore. As a matter of fact he was getting ready to trade in is x360 after i showed him what the hardware alone of the ps3 can do with bluetooth technology, memory flash slots, web browser, built in wi-fi, free online gaming, 100% backwards capability, interchangeable hard drive with almost any laptop hard drive, up to 7 controllers at once, upscales regular dvd movies, HDMI(tru HD), no huge add-ons, oh and by the way blue ray built in(which is going to be the next format)....the list can continue, but he didnt trade it in because he called ebgames and gamestop and they said they will only give him $150 bucs for his x360 premium. LOL..LOL... And gamestop also said that they wouldnt except the hard drive in the system...How dumb is that.....Like i said M$ is a freakin rip off.........

Back on subject:
Dont you see the truth in the article??? M$ dont have HDMI now, but have tremendous rumors/truth of HDMI and a bigger hardrive that is still not interchangeable like th ps3 that is coming out. You can't see it because you dont want to see it. M$ is a joke/rip off.

Like i posted in another article: M$ cant compete when it comes to hardware. All they have is good software. A your software is only as good as your hardware. And its showing that M$ cant make good hardware like sony and the software is coming for Sony in the near future.


MikeGdaGod4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

i don't understand. you claim the 360 is so much better than the ps3, yet everytime ps3 news is posted you type long ass posts talkin nothing but crap.


if your system is better, why waste your time posting nonsense about another system? why not play your games and ignore stuff that you feel is inferior? all it does is point out how much of a lame you really are.

TheMART you are trully the biggest loser on this site. At least some people try to be objective. You just talk a bunch of bullsh!t.

MikeGdaGod4269d ago

first, you are a Loser. (with a capitol "L")

only losers and lames come on the internet and talk about things they know nothing about. i've read enough of your post to know you don't own a ps3 and don't have a clue on most of the things you post about.

second, seeing how i own a 360 and ps3, i'm hardly just a sonyfan. i like both systems. now that doesn't mean there isn't one i like over another, but i'm definitely not just a sonyfan...especially seeing how i own about forty 360 games. i want both systems to do well.

third, i just bought HDMI cables for my 42" LCD panasonic. i can tell a difference. not just with the picture, but with the sound quality also.

damn all that crap about what you read from this site or that site. i have the products, thats my proof. if thats not enough too bad. i know what i'm talkin about. the question is...DO YOU?

MikeGdaGod4269d ago

in my opinion, fight night, does look better on the ps3. the load times are horrible, but it does look better. this is the only game that i have on both systems, so i can't comment on the rest.

dantesparda4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

"The PS3 is just a videoplayer that can do some games, but not as good as the 360 which is first and foremost a gaming console. "

Damn dude, when you say things like this, it really does make you look dumb, now it may be true that the PS3 was a trojan horse to get the Blu-ray in, but to say that its a video player 1st, is really just dumb. And makes you look a little rabid. Besides if that was true (that the PS3 is just a video player that can do games, than what does that say about the 360 that is only a little bit better graphically? That means it would suck, cuz it can barely outperform a video player, think about what you're saying, sometimes it can be self defeating).

"LIKE TOP GAMER who has a PS3, a 360 and all the games available, can tell you all 360 versions of games look better. Period. And he is much, much more trustworthy then you or any other fanboy."

Dude, you've got to really stop saying this sh!t. I dont care if Topgamer has "Strawberry Shortcake" or "My Little Pony's". What he says/or thinks isn't FACT, but rather HIS "opinion". And besides to act like he isnt biased, is just bullcrap, complete and utter bullcrap, nobody cares what he says except the 360 fanboys. The dude is definitely biased, plain, pure and simple. And Mart, one last thing. Stop repeating the same thing over and over again. You're like a broken record, ("this is a recording") What are you Republican or something? you just keep repeating & repeating the same thing over and over again, til you think, people think its true. And why dont you have your gamertag on here? do you even have a 360?

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Geohound4270d ago

"We had huge fights with Microsoft basically going back and forth about, “Please, please, please, please put an HDMI port in there, because only then can you really see the graphics.”

Yeah uh, That's pretty dumb.

Hopefully this title will be stellar and push me towards buying a PS3(after a price drop or two of course)

NoUseMerc4270d ago

I think you guys miss the point. I dont think he means that you can't ahve nice graphics without HDMI. You have to know that Lair will showcase some of the most advanced character models around with HDR lighting and all sorts of layering. To truely see this in its max form you must have HDMI for 1080p graphics.

If HDMI wasn't that important why is MS coming out with the new Black Xbox 360 that includes HDMI?

Jrocks_4_ever4270d ago

just dont want to realize that ms is dumb when it comes to hardware. And in all ms is trying to play catch up by trying to imitate greatness.


blackmagic4270d ago

Virtually every comparison between HD-DVD picture quality and Bluray picture quality have gone in favour of HD-DVD despite the fact that the most HD-DVD players don't have HDMI outputs (the newest models excluded).

In terms of the Movie Industry, Sony owns Columbia pictures, Tristar pictures, MGM, United Artists, Orion Pictures, Screen Gems, Triumph Films, Destination Films and obviously Sony Pictures which makes up approximately 30 percent of the entire movie industry. In terms of the Music Industry, Sony owns BMG, Arista, Columbia, Epic, RCA Records, Legacy Recordings, Sonic Waves and obviously Sony Music. This represents apporximately 26 percent of the music industry.

Now the big picture is analogue outputs CAN NOT be secured with digital rights software. Digital outputs such as hdmi CAN be secured with digital rights software. If you were a company that owned about a third of the movie industry and about a quarter of the music industry would you be pushing hdmi with DRM built in or unsecured analogue? Keep that in mind everytime you hear Sony touting HDMI as the second coming.

techie4269d ago

Agreed - but it is the case that although the picture quality may not be too improved over hdmi -the sound quality definately is. Every site I've read about different outputs says the sound quality is improved greatly - and so for true hd sound you need hdmi output - plus it helps for the picture quality as well.

Also most reviews have said fight night looks more realistic on the ps3 - better sweat and skin etc (except the clothes aren't as flowing as on xbox360 apparently) but whether this is down to capabilities of the hardware, or merely more time for the developers to fiddle is another question entirely...

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Genki4270d ago

I thought it was a good interview, mainly because it's nice to know that there are quality developers that are utilizing the PS3's hardware exceptionally well. While that's basically to be expected with a console, it's really just cool to hear a developer speaking out positively about their work with the PS3. This is especially relevant among the myriad of hardware related negativity that storms the internet seemingly on a daily basis.

I'm particularly interested in the Sixaxis controls for Lair and Warhawk though, as the results are somewhat curious. If this control style is a success similar to the analog stick for the N64, I wonder if it can breathe new life into flight-related games. Whatever the case, I just hope it's well executed, because I think it would be tragic for a game like Lair to be sub-par. I hope to see more good come from Factor 5 in the future.

EnforcerOfTheTruth4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Marty the problem is that only a few TV's support 1080p over VGA and Factor5 uses that resolution. Face the truth, analog is last gen and shouldn't be in a next gen console.

TheMART4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )


Only a few TV's accept 1080p VIDEO over Component. Games isn't a problem. Second. VGA does it all. 1080p Video or 1080p games. There is no TV that doesn't take that.

HDMI only limits the playing of video in the future. It's a copyright sh!tty system.

Plus: Who the heck owns 1080p HDTVs? Like no-one. How many games again on the PS3 that are out now are in 1080p exactly? oh hell none, all 720p mohahaha

Face the truth. HDMI is not needed this gen. Next gen 1080p TV's might be getting normal. But are people going to put in screens over 42 inches in their normal living rooms? makes no sense if they're about 2, 3 up to 5 meters or even more away from the TV. For real. Be real.
Don't follow Sony's: true hd starts with 1080p and HDMI bull. They'll just give you 720p games and there is really no difference at all

@ OutpostCommand (below)

Then why is it that Top Gamer, who has PS3 and 360's plus 1080p screens together, concludes that the 360 still has better graphics. the best images, the best screens in general on component/VGA?

Plus: games won't be available in 1080p that much, if not almost any in the end (all PS3 games at this point in time released are 720p also). I don't know about you, but all HDTV LCD screens from Samsung, their latest 26, 32 inch and above have VGA as far as I've seen. Maybe those huge DLP tv's in the USA not but we don't use them overhere in Europe.

Ofcourse 1080p resolution is higher, but if the games don't support it, what the hell? If people don't buy a 4000 dollar/euro 1080p TV for the coming years, who cares? For real. Be real. HDMI isn't needed this gen

OutpostCommand4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Mart, it goes like this:
HDMI >(Difference is barely noticeable though) Component > (By a MILE) VGA.
Mart, stop acting like a noob, and face the fact:
VGA sucks.
I will take HDMI or Component ANY day over VGA.

And what are you on about few TVs accept Component ?
If anything, getting a HD VGA TV is almost impossible.
I brought my TV last year, and even that doesnt have VGA (Accepts DVI + HDMI)
Mart, unless you are talking around 2003 era TVs, I have not seen a single HDTV which accepts VGA.
VGA isnt dying-
its already dead.
PCs dont use it.
TVs dont use it.

EDIT_1: Oh, and Mart - you sound like someone who hasnt seen a 1080p image in their lives.
1080p > 720P BY 45 MILES !
Sure, 720p is nice and dandy, but 1080p looks far better.
Hell, my TV only accepts 720p and 1080i, and 1080i looks better than 720p.
I have seen a 1080p imagine on another TV.
I can assure you, the difference is more than noticeable.

hfaze4270d ago

"Plus: Who the heck owns 1080p HDTVs? Like no-one."

I think you'd be surprised as to how many people own 1080p HDTV's... Now that Westinghouse has theirs down around the $1000 range... I picked one up to replace a decrepit (made in 1989) 32" TV, and never looked back...

"How many games again on the PS3 that are out now are in 1080p exactly? oh hell none, all 720p mohahaha"

Check your facts... Ridge Racer 7, NBA '07, Gran Turismo HD Concept, with MUCH more to come... You probably won't see much as far as 3'rd party 1080p games, but first and second party games there will be MANY more...

"Face the truth. HDMI is not needed this gen. Next gen 1080p TV's might be getting normal. But are people going to put in screens over 42 inches in their normal living rooms? makes no sense if they're about 2, 3 up to 5 meters or even more away from the TV. For real. Be real."

If HDMI is not needed for this gen, then why is M$ rushing to get a newer rev of the 360 out there with an HDMI port, hmmmm??