Can Microsoft Juggle Three Operating Systems?

Microsoft's tricky balancing act in 2009 will be to phase out Windows XP while boosting demand for Windows Vista and building anticipation for Windows 7.

microsoft, windows vista, vistaCompounding this challenge is that Vista has been Microsoft's most embattled operating system, and though recent reports say that Vista has improved over the past year, there are also reports of a growing indifference from users. microsoft windows, windows xp, xpMany are sticking with Windows XP for now (or even requesting to "downgrade" to XP with new computer purchases) with the hope that Windows 7 will be more nimble and efficient than Vista.

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pp3288d ago

Microsoft can juggle 20 operating systems don't underestimate Microsoft.Give credit where credit is due thank god for Microsoft and for giving us Windows.

LokMessier3288d ago

Can Microsoft Juggle three operating systems, plus the Xbox360 new chip systems while repairing some old ones? Honestly yes, even though people may despise it [PS3 fans] while 360 fans may despise Sony, both are good companies and being that Microsoft is one of them I think they can, and if they are having trouble or rather if things are going great they can always rehire people [especially the ones they laid off before the holiday season :(]

Nathan Drake3288d ago

But if you think people are going to want Windows Vista when Windows 7 is out,you've misread the PC market

LokMessier3288d ago

Oh not at all, I'm just answering the question of the article, preference and what people want is what ultimately will or will not sell Windows Vista. I already have Vista, almost no choice in the matter when it came to my laptop, when windows 7 comes out I'm sure vista will simply be just another 'thing' with Microsoft's label attached to it.

Cajun Chicken3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I honestly DON'T want Windows7 unless its honestly revolutionary.

EDIT: I just noticed, I like that word 'honestly' today.

LokMessier3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Vista isn't half bad [at least for me] only problems I have with it is when it automatically updates still even when I put it in sleep mode. Other than that everything else still runs nicely, FFXI in windowed mode, AIM, MSN, and Firefox all running at once and haven't experienced a problem as of yet.

Have 2GB of ram with a T7300 @2.000 GHz and an Intel Core 2 Duo processor
[forgot to mention 145 GB of HDD space, but only 39.3 left after FFXI install and few other games :p]

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Jamaicangmr3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Your fanboyism has no shame. You insist on showing it even on articles where it's not needed.

Elven63288d ago

Microsoft was juggling like what was it 5-6 OS's up until 2006 I believe when support for 95/98/00, etc were terminated. 3 really isn't that much in comparison.

DevastationEve3288d ago

I thought about this once. Windows 7 will be much easier to migrate to...that is of course if you're migrating from Vista. People still on xp might give Vista a try, just to see how the new platform PERIOD will perform.

Or, you could just dual boot! Or run virtualization software (what I do).

It's great for going back and using a second Guest OS inside of your Host OS for those programs that just aren't working for any reason. The main trade-offs being that it's not truly an OS all to itself (it resides in your Documents or wherever you save the VHD file) and only basic hardware is virtualizable (CPU, RAM, HDD, NIC, USB, K/M, Basic VGA).

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