Another Look: Why Gears of War 2's Combat is Broken

This dates back to the first game, and in fact hits upon the very premise on which the series is founded. It's a flaw in the combat system, a crack in Gears of War's foundation that spreads from the single player to the multiplayer, and persists into the sequel.

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italianbreadman3506d ago

Lots of hiding going on in Gears

bomboclaat_gamer3506d ago

its called strategy. its slow paced. i have no problems with the hiding

Sayai jin3506d ago

It's not your run 'n gun shooter. People actually take cover and maneuver in battles. How dare Epic try to be realistic *sarcasm*.

OOG3506d ago

its not called hiding when your playing smart....and youd be surprised its not as much hiding as it is people getting themselves prepared for a fight....

1 person vs 3 or more other people usually will always end up getting ripped apart....which is why people need to play smart.

italianbreadman3505d ago

I didn't say it was bad. I just commented that there is indeed a lot of cover in the game...and players hide behind it.

I think it's fun.

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predator3506d ago

When i can actaully get a game after hours of searching the combat is ace....far better than gears 1...its not broken its better.

predator3506d ago

matchmaking still takes bloody ages

ChampIDC3506d ago

I agree that the combat is better. This guy seems to be complaining because he doesn't know how to deal with the new changes. The shotgun is fine. You just have to actually aim it now and go for upper body shots. The chainsaw is indeed pretty lame up close, but it's still counterable by diving in the right direction.

The only thing I'd change in the system now is the fact that if you shoot somebody, they can rev their chainsaw directly after the shot. The delay to using it only comes when you hit them while revving it, so they can just rev it directly after getting hit. Other than that, I'm glad they made the changes they did. I hated the first game online, but I love Gears 2 because of the added strategy needed now due to stopping power.

predator3506d ago

Champ couldn't of said it better than that, you actually have to be good at the game now to win and get and kills

OOG3506d ago

agree about the chainsaw...they need more of a delay when getting shot with the shotgun....way too many times ive shot someone up close n then bam they rev n cut me

cain1413506d ago


It still takes me a decent bit of time to find matches as well...

BIGBAER3506d ago

What the author of the article is obviously oblivious to is that Cliffy B fully explained the changes in weapon balancing and map layouts with respect to eliminating "shotty spammers" and campers. The efforts was aimed at making Gears 2 more competitive in rewarding skill rather than over-use of cheap weapons and tactics.

Additionally the article's author's gripe about health regeneration was also addressed by Cliffy B where he stated that maintaining the intensity during gameplay was a top priority and that having players participate in intense battles only to stop to search for a health kit or tonic would defeat that priority.

It was felt that Halo-style health regeneration would players to stay in the heat of battle rather than go off on a scavenger hunt.

And really, is automatic health regeneration any more improbable than med-kits that instantly---fully, heal players? No. And that is why the choice was to go with health regeneration and preserve the intensity of battle.

As good as the first Gears was, Gears 2 is so much better in every way. I say: "Bring on the Horde!"



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gamfreak3506d ago

Because Flop has written all over this game when released....!

AngryTypingGuy3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

9's and 10's, fastest (and soon to be highest) selling game of the year, GOTY nominee in multiple publications...yeah a real flop. Some douchebag doesn't like the fact that your health regenerates and he calls it broken?

The game plays beautifully. It's super addictive and very fun. If you don't like it then go play something else. Regenerating health in a WWII shooter such as COD would be unrealistic too, but I haven't heard many people b!tch about that. Babies.

GiantEnemyCrab3506d ago

hahaha flop?? Wow! Been a tough day for you fishhead? Maybe you should stop worrying about games you don't even play and go and buy and play games for your PS3, which if you haven't heard are not doing too well.

SONYSLAVE3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

yeah phuck gears of war 2 cause it has sold almost 4 million copies, it sucks!

but resistance 2 is amazing I mean all the people bought the first one on ps3 but wait some reason why is the second not selling but ain't resistance 2 amazing?!

yeah go back to hunting for med kits you sony noobs

PotNoodle3506d ago

However, i don't think it is as good as it could be - it still can get very annoying at times, it is generally better than gears 1 but i still think they could teak it more.

OOG3506d ago

I think the same way.....

Compared to Gears 1 the combat is way better....with sticky nades....etc....

The just need to tweak some of the sometimes people bouncing around too much from a smoke grenade and sometimes people not really showing any slow down from a shot the with shotgun and still get the chainsaw....

But overall I think its a better games then gears 1....the sony fans can try and downplay the game...but if you played both....Gears 2 is better in almost every way

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