411mania Review: Silent Hill Homecoming

411mania writes: "Okay, before I start talking about the actual gameplay in this game, I feel compelled to mention that it's pretty ridiculous that the PC version of this game came out a full month and a half after the console versions of the game. Considering most people who are interested in the Silent Hill franchise probably own consoles, what motivation could they have for waiting an additional month for the PC version of the game? I have more complaints about this, but…I'll save those for a bit later on.

Silent Hill is a franchise that is scary based on the atmosphere. The fog, the monsters, the sounds…everything should totally meld together and scare the crap out of you. So why is it that in a survival horror game I am not being scared at all? The combat is so easy, is so intuitive that I don't fear the creatures of Silent Hill anymore. Alex Shepherd, your character, is a recently discharged soldier. So he knows his way through combat, unlike past protagonists in the series. I can slash through enemies with ease. If I see a monster around the corner, the first thing I think isn't "OH SHIT" it's "Oh, okay, I'm going to kill this thing." I think if they had named this game something else and released it as a new Intelligent Property, perhaps I could understand them trying to market this new game. In the survival horror market though, this does not fly. It's just a survival game."

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