H3 Beta: renting Crackdown not an option

If you want to play the Halo 3 Beta this Spring for more than a couple of days, then renting Crackdown will not be the way to go. It seems Microsoft have thought about that, and have put in defensive measures. Basically, the option to play the demo can only be accessed through Crackdown. All is revealed in the link.

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PS360PCROCKS4327d ago

How is it not an option I don't get it? It says you can get it, but you just cant keep it if you rent it, so than therefore renting IS an option it's just not going to give you the beta for forever. Also, very lame about the whole limited time thing, but than again hype hype hype, woo here comes the hype train baby

TheMART4327d ago

No, you need to activate the Beta every time you want to play it, with the Crackdown DVD.

So if you rent it for let's say 4 days, you'll be able to use the Beta only 4 days. Simple as that.

kornbeaner4326d ago

then What? will the system be able to tell the difference between a burned copy and a orignal?

Havince4326d ago

crackdowns a god solid game, just get the game enjoy it and also play halo beta. simple

calderra4326d ago

No, people- your download (like all other downlods) will be tied to your online profile with Xbox Live. You'll be able to play it after you download it so long as you're signed into Xbox Live.

Burn copies all you want, only one gamer profile with Xbox Live will be able to play it, at all.