10 Reasons Why Physical Media Owns

Format War Central Writes: "Let's face it, before the last format war was even over a new one had begun, both formats had to fight an uphill battle, leaving the winner to fight alone for "true" reign of the market. With a slew of pro digital download announcements, we here at Format War Central decided to give Physical Media the spot light by telling the world "Hey, Physical Media Still Kick's Ass!"."

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Elven63656d ago

Jenzo: You obviously have no idea has to what your talking about, try selling a movie or tv show you just bought from the XBLVM, PSN, Vudu, etc and see how well that goes.

Blu Ray propaganda? Hunh, you obviously have no idea has to what Physical Media really is.

Johnny Rotten3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

actually the physical media doesn't own... you own it!

over these next couple weeks before x-mas I will not once think about buying someone a download from the internet...

Elven63656d ago

Their was a ! in the original post but one of the reports made me remove it.

Nathan Drake3656d ago

lol,for a second there I thought you were being serious.

Elven63656d ago

Someone should tell him Physical Media refers to everything from your grandfathers Vinyl records to your Blu Ray disk collection.