Editorial: Gamers Replace Boasting With Hostility

This may be another one of those "it's just me" scenarios, so the writer of this article is wondering if others have noticed a disturbing - and relatively new - trend in the video game world.

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Lou-Cipher3655d ago

"it's as if they're secretly pissed that they voluntarily restrict themselves, and they need to take it out on someone else."

I think alot of people just like being nasty to others just because it is so very easy to do so while on the internet.

My complaints are not towards people that have 360s or the actual games on the 360, its the company known as Microsoft that pi$$es me off.

I enjoy many good 360 games(Gears 1 & 2,Fable 2,Dead Rising,Crackdown,Mass Effect, and so on)but I will never alow Microsoft to ever make money from me.

I only buy used games for the 360,and always buy new games for the PS3, and the only reason I still have a 360 is because it was replaced for free after it RRoD on me.

My point is:
Microsoft spends more time and money trying to deceive and betray you than they do trying to fix their awful problems, and when a company operates in such a foul manner they only deserve the worst kind of backlash we can give. We should not hate the owners we should just hate the most corrupt company that has ever existed, Microsoft.

Captain_Sony3655d ago

What exactly is MS doing that pisses you off so much? RROD is nothing compared to DRE for PS2.. MS at least fixed the RROD issue for owners while Sony had to be sued into fixing the PS2. They are no more evil then any other company out there trying to make money. Anything you can name off that MS has done in gaming has also been dont by Sony I'm sure.. I feel it has more to do with them taking attention away from SOny and the PS3 then anything about their business...Either that or you live under a rock and havent got a single clue how Sony operates. Oh and FYI. I dont support MS, but I also do not use BS excuses for it that can be said about any other company.

panasonic233655d ago

man who a gives a fvck what bunch of pro sony fans think about xbox live and keep this prosony sh!t in the ps3section damn yall sonyfans been on rolled ever since ndp numbers came out.

DoctorBonzai3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

The article didn't even mention xbox live.

Just that irrelevant picture Arika decided to put up there.

panasonic233655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

wtf sony started this war they got the troops hype wtf next gen don't started until we says so wtf. sonyfans are just like xbox fans sonyfans talked sh!t too but they sonylover it alright to talk trash about the wii, 360 because sony is god and it says on sony Ten Commandments of sony tho shall bash wii and xbox fans.

Dragunov3655d ago

Take a break man, watch some porno or something, you sound excited.
Must tell it to your mom

josephat843655d ago

You're saying that Microsoft is to blame. Ummm... no it's not. Actually, I think people are making way to big of a deal out of this. I own both too and enjoy them thoroughly. The PS3 has problems as well. And if you can't acknowledge that, then I don't know what to say. Just play the games, ranting won't help anything.

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