Blu-ray Sales Off The Charts

Consumers place Blu-ray players at the top of their holiday wish lists.

US, December 12, 2008 - The holiday shopping season is at full intensity and consumers have made it clear that above all else they want a Blu-ray player in their stocking. Numerous reports have shown a dramatic increase in Blu-ray sales this year, with experts estimating that many more thousands of units will be cleared from the shelves before the New Year.

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madmonkey03654d ago

Finaly some good news concerning blu-ray, and indirectly the ps3. its a nice break from all the sony hate going around atm.

jammy_703653d ago

buy the ps3!!! its the best blue=ray player!

Bubble Buddy3653d ago

But CNN said that it's failing....

BulletToothtony3653d ago

is that how the 360 was at a lower number of sold hardware by this time last year and yet it was perfectly fine...

I don't understand how some people have so little common sense.. or such double standards..

Now on topic... i wish the ps3 could bitstream TrueHD and Master DTS, i know it does it on-board, but i just wanna see those red letters in my surround sound lit up

Socom3653d ago

but...digitalz downloazdz was zupposed to take ovar by the endz of 2008...

MNicholas3653d ago

The Trojan Horse has succeeded and walls of Troy are aflame. DVD will be totally defeated in 12-16 months. Just like VHS, DVD players will continue to be available on Target and Walmart shelves for another 10 years at $20-$30 and there'll be large cardboard bins filled with old movies in the $3-$5 range.

Lookout for the Sanyo $199 portable blu-ray player with a 7" lcd (OLED models will cost a lot more!) next christmas.

Downloadable movies, supposedly the big threat to Blu-Ray still look like crap (unless you have uber broadband) and have virtually no market penetration. People like their discs which they can hold in their hand, put in their shelves, take camping, take on road-trips, etc...

interrergator3653d ago

bout time ppl been hatin on the ps3 all week

house3653d ago

like i didnt see that coming.... duh it was going to do great just people like to put sony and the ps3 down cause they dont have it or dont like it

phosphor1123653d ago

As long as bluray is doing fine, Sony will do fine. I have never seen so many people hate on the PS3 so much in so little time. What is the deal? Are they threatened by it, or are the jealous that they don't have it themselves? That CNN article saying "mediocre game line up", I raged. That couldn't be a more fanboy claim. It has every game the 360 has minus a few like Gears of War 2, and them some like MGS4(I honestly can do without GeoW2 considering it took the credit of a ps2 game Kill.switch, not just that either, it isn't innovative and new either, its the same old stuff, MGS4 on the other hand, has so many unlockables, and also what other game can you play 3rd person, over the shoulder AND first person??) Who will "win" this generation? I don't know, if going by sales its the Wii, but I know what console is going to outlive this generation and into the next.

arika3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

fanboys: bu bu but.. 100's of articles are saying bluray and ps3 are both doomed, a sinking ship like titanic.

the truth: well based on statistics people still want a physical media like bluray because of the following reasons:
1 people want to show off what they own, if it's DD they might
mistake it as a pirated copy and you have to turn on your tv or pc just to to see your collection.
2 resale! you can sell or pawn your bluray copy but DD's you can't.
3 NA broadband is still slow. sometimes it could take you half a day just downloading your movies
4 collector's edition copy. well you can't have this one on DD's.
5 your DD copy might get deleted or have viruses. you know how internet is, it's not the safest place in the world.

whoelse3653d ago

**cough** Microsoft checque in the post **cough**

Thats why there are so many negative PS3 news coming out, j/k?

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The Judderman3654d ago

I really hope blue ray becomes the number one format. The picture and sound not to mention the space is great. It some ways its a shame the 360 wasn't blue ray as a lot of games being muti format don't make much use of it. Hopefully next gen it will be the standard drive and also by then it will be a lot cheaper.
Take my advice get a player, you won't regret it.

jcfilth3654d ago

Anyone who gets a stand alone BD player is dumb, PS3 is the way to go!!

Johnny Rotten3653d ago

Actually my father in-law just picked up a Samsung BD player and I'm almost tempted to say the picture is nicer than that of the PS3 but then again he has it hooked up to a 46" Samsung 750 series TV :)

thereapersson3653d ago

There are standalones that do certain things better than the PS3, but as an overall package for the money, the PS3 is unbeatable.

It really is a great gaming system AND entertainment center all in one great package.

Shane Kim3653d ago

The only downside the PS3 might have is the sound of the fan (not that it is that loud. Then again, if you have sorround sound you won't hear the PS3.

chewy3173653d ago

what? lol the ps3 is silent u can only hear the sound of the fan only if u are within 30 cm

morganfell3653d ago

Shane you must be bionic. The PS3 isn't any louder than the non existent fan on my XBR.

My 360 on the other hand...everytime I boot it up I hear a little voice saying "Prepare for takeoff"

Shane Kim3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Well then I guess that's only my PS3 then. Couse I can hear the fan. But like I said, you just need to pump up the volume slightly and you won't hear a thing.

morganfell: "prepare for takeoff" hhahaha like that one.

dukadork3653d ago

it's actually funny, it's like someone buying a typewriter today


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jcfilth3653d ago

This just made that writer from CNN look stupid.

Jackthepwnsaur3653d ago

according to HD-DVD/ Xbox fanboys, Blu-Ray is going to die very soon. I guess they are wrong, LMAO.

thereapersson3653d ago

Bu...bu... but teh digital downloads!

Megatron083653d ago

given that it article about ps3 sells and they are trying to spin it as blu ray its not all that good. Sony already said the be discontinuing not profitable investmest such as blu ray. Why you think they never went ahead and release blu ray 2.0 ?

thereapersson3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Sony discontinuing Blu-ray?

What fantasy fanboy world are you living in?

Wait, don't reply; I know the answer already. It's the one that revolves "360 degrees" in your head.

Funky Town_TX3653d ago

is garbage. I would rather have the media in my hand.

Johnny Rotten3653d ago

2.0 came out almost a year ago.

DaTruth3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )


Edit: Now that I'm finished L'ingMAO we can discuss the matter at hand. If I was a mom in the bad economy, I would wrap up a PS3, put a card on it that reads "To the family" and call it a Christmas; Get Dad and all the kids in one incredible swoop(except teenage daughter). Kill all the birds with one stone(grenade).

madmonkey03653d ago

@ Megatron08
are dillusional?

ravinash3653d ago

Sony had cut back 8000 jobs in non profitable fields.
There was no mention of PS3 or BlueRay being part of that.

I've got no problem with people stating facts if it makes makes the industry move ahead if it true. But please, stop making things up by putting 2 and 2 together and making 5.

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iceman28853653d ago

We have a positive blu-ray story saying that it's doing very well. All that means is that in the next few days we're bound to have some "Blu-Ray is dead" and "Blu-ray on life support" news stories posted all over the place with lots of comments about how DD is better and that the difference between a Blu-ray and an upconverted DVD is insignificant.


lokiroo4203653d ago

Well at least with a ps3 you have both so you cannot really lose.

no-spin3653d ago

blue ray is crap, who wants it? who buys it? the bad economy. the doom for the PS3, life support! not growing in audience, 1080p puft give me upconverted dvds and dead HDDVD for a dollar.

WOW,i wish i was making this crap up, but the articles around the web have been like this all year long. Good for me i make my own mind when it comes to getting my moneys worth.