PlayStation 4 Might Live Inside Your PC (and other wisdom from PCGA's Randy Stude)

GamePolitics writes: "As a gamer who made his bones on the PC, one of the most encouraging developments of 2008 has been the launch of the PC Gaming Alliance, an association comprised of companies with a stake in the computer games market.

Beyond the formation of the PCGA, however, I'm encouraged by the outspokenness of its president, Randy Stude. In his day job Randy is the Director of Intel's Gaming Program Office. His love of PC gaming is evident and his eminently reasonable voice has given cheer to millions of PC gamers who sometimes feel like outcasts in an increasingly console-centric world.

Randy spoke with GP at length recently on a number of topics, including piracy, where PC gaming is heading and why you can't really play strategy games on an Xbox 360 or PS3."

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CIO Caveman Trolls3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

LOGIC: Be yourself, don't listen to people's onion.

PS3 fanboy: Why spend less while you could get a *complete* HD system with FREE Playstation network, for just $399?

Casual gamer: No thanks, i don't really need a Blu-ray player for watching movies and wi-fi for gaming, I just want to play games on game-specific systems like X360 or Wii without paying more for something i don't really care.

PS3 fanboy: Ok, but you have to pay *more* eventually on things like: wireless controllers, larger Hardisk, online-gaming for the 360.. not to mention replacement cost for RROD after warranty. It'll cost you way more than $399 in total! And still no Bluetooth??

Casual gamer: That's fine, i can make a purchase for those things at a later time, but not at this recession time. It's good to have *options *..ya know. Let's put it this way: people do have preferences.

PS3 fanboy: Honestly, are you cheap or what? The PS3 is more valuable, future proof, and more potential!!

Casual gamer: NOPE, YOU are really the *cheap guy* bcuz you just said I'd end up *spending more money* on extra stuff for the 360. Why bother on my spending business??? NOW quit lecturing me OK!!!

PS3 fanboy: Stupid A hole!

Simon_Brezhnev3653d ago

i guess u having fun talking to yourself

Ssxtreme363653d ago

#1. if your a casual gamer (a person who rarely plays games), your going to go to the wii, no questions asked.....

#2. why spend time arguing over games with a casual gamer? they are going to buy what ever they hear is hot at the time or what ever is the cheapest.....

#3.i have never heard or seen a more anti ps3 side you have just presented, you pretty much just made many ps3 fanboys look overly desperate to get a point across that the ps3 is better.....

the one thing that i found odd about this is that most of time i have seen ps3 gamers defending the system rather than (attacking) arguing with someone knows little about games, but i will say that i have seen a resent surplus of retarded ps3 fanboys who just shout out that ps3 is the best, no questions asked, with out providing any reasons why they feel that way (and then the reasons they come up with are pretty much expected). its kind of sad to see its attracting these kind of audiences and individuals, they really remind me of the people who hyped themselves into believing that buying a wii on launch day would provide them with as much entertainment when a year or 2 passed by.....unless they were casual gamers, that's not the case....

i mean...i rarely ever see legitimate ps3 fans (not fanboys, fanboys are another thing) brag about what ps3 has in a argumental/attacking point of view, especially with that kind of evidence you presented (pros for ps3)....the only time i ever see that is when someone else (360, wii fanboys) claims something that is outlandish and untrue about the system or a game that is on it......but like i said before, ps3 has gained its share of individuals who do nothing to help the system by doing the exact apposite of what legitimate ps3 fans do, and go out on the offensive with out any worthwhile points....

so in other got the entire argument more or less reminded me how 360 fanboys at gamestop would pressure people into buying a certain game on 360 rather than one on ps3....and don't tell me that's not true because I've seen it to many times to count....

i cant really tell if your trying to stand up for the ps3 or if your just trying to add fuel to the entire fanboy argument which at this point is reaching the highest level of stupidity i have ever seen....either way, its not right.....

cpuchess3653d ago

A casual gamer is not one who rarely plays games. It's somebody who likes to play more simple game types.

thereapersson3653d ago

Why bother with any of that crap then?

Download a game to your cell phone and play that instead. Honestly, you don't even have to buy a console, because if you want to play games, you can just play them right then and there. No TV needed!

See what I did there?

Honestly, the PS3 is an excellent value, whether or not you actually "want" those features. You can't view it on what you want out of the system; you have to view it on what the system offers as a whole.

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Ssxtreme363653d ago

why are there so many stupid ps4 speculation/topics on this site.....

ps3 hasn't even reached half of its life cycle and where already talking about what ps4 will have....really? is that even necessary?

thereapersson3653d ago

Haven't you heard? The sensationalized fanboy media has declared the PS3 "dead in the water", and a "failure". That must mean it's true if the media says it, right?

DA_SHREDDER3653d ago

The ps3 isnt dead. Its the topic that is.