JPP: Armored Core: For Answer review

Sean Anthony writes:

"Armored Core just straight up delivers in this installment of the series. This is a game that can get people into the AC series, which is usually rare in this late of an installment. ACFA gives the gamer true freedom to decide his fate along with the fate of many others all while getting an array of volatile destruction machines. Being given the reins to pretty much anything you want it to be is fresh and a enjoyable experience for players to have. I have to say that Armored Core: For Answer is one of the better games of the series and shows what the saga can really do. With high–tech weaponry, great customization and a long and enjoyable storyline Armored Core: For Answer really gives it's punch and a worthwhile one at that. This is one to add to the collection if you're a fan of the AC series, but if you have never played it, it is worth at minimum a rental. I suggest giving it a test run, you won't be disappointed."

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