Extreme Gamer: Sonic Unleashed review

Downtown Jimmy writes:

"Sonic Unleashed Dissociative Identity Disorder is 1/3 fun and 2/3 garbage. It's a shame because Sonic Unleashed started out strong with an impressive opening movie along with a cool introductory level. This only lasts for a short moment, then you will be driven completely mad an hour later from sitting through unnecessary dialog sequences and mindnumbing beat em' up levels. Team Sonic should have never left the beast out of his cage! The stretchy arms fur ball version of our beloved hedgehog is an abomination that never be spoke of again, lock that beast up! This is only one half of the bad, the other half comes in with some ill produced adventure sequences that carry on a declining landslide of a storyline. Sonic Unleashed had promise, and actually part of the game is pretty decent, but its too bad the entire game wasn't completed with the mindset of "Day" Sonic. Sorry Sonic, gamers pass on this one."

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perils3655d ago

sonic cant catch a fuppin break!