IGN: Circus Games Review

Wii has seen its share of shovelware in the past, but publishers seem to be lowering their standards with every release. Look at some of the amazing titles that have been released on Wii already; is there really any doubt of what the system is capable of? Gamers have to be careful not to lower theirr standards when presented with so many titles like this. If it's not clear by now, Circus Games is not worth your time and it's definitely not worth your money. Do not buy this game – what more can IGN say?

Presentation - 1.0
Graphics - 2.0
Sound - 3.0
Gameplay - 2.5
Lasting Appeal - 1.0
Overall -

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LokMessier3656d ago

Seriously ouch :/, for some reason I'd feel really bad if the developers of some of these games saw the reviews some of the places were giving them. I mean I know they may not be putting a lot of time into it [or maybe they are?] but still eh, maybe I'm just to nice :/

But my gosh a 2.2/10 o__o