The 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2008

The games chosen by the usual panel of contributors is in no way supposed to be a list of the worst games of 2008. Those are all for the Wii, cost $10, are about dogs and/or babies, and they wouldn't be caught dead playing them. No, these are the games that let them down the most this year. Most of them are actually good games. But they failed to live up to the hype, or didn't deliver on their promises.

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tatotiburon3656d ago

LOL dead space, prince of persia and Mirror's edge?? where is HAZE the biggest flop of the year??...EPIC FAIL!

DreamcastFanboy3656d ago

No you are the biggest flop this year and anyway Too Human is more of a flop after all ten year to make a game that people think suck? That should get a award of Floppage.

fuzon3656d ago

80 million dollars down the drain

all crap box 360 games flopped in 2008 except gears


flop gaiden 2
operation darkness
Viva crap
Banjo floppie

all x360 JRPGS mega flopped this year

2 human and Flop gaiden 2 ---200 million dollars down the drain

tatotiburon3656d ago

lol nasim where were all this time? we miss in you in the threads of little big flop, home flop, resistance 2 resist the flop, all jrpgs of PS3 flop, VC sales flop hahaha, PS3 sells flop, all 2008 lineup flop...hahaha where were you buddy?

dreamcastfanboy hahaha too human have a better meta than LAIR or Haze and the 10 year of development?? hahahaha xbox 360 even exit back then

BLuKhaos3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Meanwhile LBP outscores all 360 exclusives on Metacritic.
LBP=95>Halo 3&Geow1=94>GeOW2=93.
Here's Gamerankings

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Flame On!

Hyped games weren't THAT bad, but unforunately didn't live up to the hype they produced, like the majority of 360 games this year...

Nathan Drake3656d ago

If I were them I would include Gears of War 2 solely for it's completely broken Multiplayer experience

ionstorm3656d ago

oh u mean like LBP and R2?

shingo3656d ago

RESISTANCE 2 was very very dissapointing! :(

And this is coming from a hardcore Resistance 1 fan. Insomniac took a totally wrong path by trying to make R2 a CoD4 v1.5! Competitve mode (which is the core part of MP) is just BROKEN in R2.

I'll never forget such dissapointment, it's the biggest in my gaming history.

Danja3656d ago

Dead Space was one of the best games I played all year

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was also good..not great but enjoyable

BLuKhaos3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Considering LBP out scored all of the 360's exclusives on metacritic,I doubt it failed to live up to the hype.
LBP=95>Highest rated 360 exclusives,Halo 3 and GeOW 1,=94>GeOW2=93.
Here's Gamerankings

r10003656d ago

Oh man... I couldn't agree with you more... i thought i was the only one... Resistance 2 was a huge disappointment in my eyes... I like you was a HUGE r1 fan.. the multiplayer of r1 kept me going for months... it was great... this time around the single player was meh... and the multiplayer left a lot to be desired... Was not impressed..

I luckily managed to get it sold on Amazon market place earlier today ;)

It's a shame, the last good game i played on my ps3 was Metal Gear Solid 4 and GTA4, so we're talking a couple months back.

I'm waiting for Fallout 3 to be delivered, hopefully i can get into that type of game... Cus right now i have no games to play and I own Little big planet but thats another topic all together... Lets just say i shouldn't have bought that game...

ionstorm3656d ago

it did fail to the hype, it didnt sell sh1t.companies want alot more than a good metacritic score, they also want to make a profit.

shingo3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I managed to play R2 heavily before buying it, and I was totally convinced not to spend a single buck on it. Man, what a shock it was.. because R1 was my favourite PS3 game. :(

Anyways, surprisingly at that time I received a code for KILLZONE 2 Beta in my email, and boy oh boy!! It was a gift from the skies!! Made me so happy and got me over the bloomy, sad mood after R2 dissapointment. I got officially addicted to KILLZONE 2 Beta and kept playing it for hours and hours on daily basis untill they put down the servers yesterday (Thursday). KILLZONE 2 is the best PS3 game I have ever played!!! Can't wait till February!! This game will blow minds away.

BLuKhaos3656d ago

Really?It didn't sell sh!t?I see you missed the article on the front page that stats that LBP has passed the 1 million mark.I guess selling 1 million is nothing.Some people...

Sheddi3655d ago

How can u guys say R2?!?!
I LOVE that game! the multilayer is PURE fun!
This is madness!

ionstorm3655d ago

yea but with the kind of hype it had those are dissapointing sales. 360 hyped titles sells millions in 1 week. get with reality dude.LBp JUST made that million after months.

callahan093655d ago

I agree that LittleBigPlanet and Gears of War 2 were both disappointingly broken in the online department. But Resistance 2 was certainly not. It works perfectly and has since day 1. I've never experienced any lag in that game, surprisingly. Not one match has ever had one instant of lag. I've never had a long wait to connect to a match, either.

The only thing that's wonky with Resistance 2 is that sometimes the matchmaking makes uneven teams. But that's not that big of a deal, and it's nothing compared to the ridiculous lag, frequent disconnections, and long wait times for online matches in LBP and Gears 2.

yaboi3655d ago

was in development for 10 years and it failed.
How bad does that suck

kevnb3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

resistance 2 is good, but not as good as I was hoping. At least the single player in R2 is pretty good imo, it blows away Resistance 1 overall. I think Ill just wait for Killzone 2 for a purchase though, Killzone on ps2 was horrible but the one on psp was awesome... so I have some faith.

@ ionstorm, I didn't know 5 weeks was months...

gaffyh3655d ago

Dead Space is awesome, although a little stupid that the engineer has to go and do everything, but the game is fantastic. One of the most surprisingly good games in 2008 IMO.

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Eiffel3656d ago

This list is fail..common Dead Space..Force Unleashed.

I want to see this sites list of "Greatest Games of the Year"
starting off with all wii games...meh.

mesh13656d ago

were is haze ? ps3 fanboy site

ProperFunked3655d ago

Dead Space loved it, Force Unleashed was a fvcking chore to finish. the moment i finished that annoying game i put it right back its envelope and dropped it in the mail box, good riddance. extremely unbalanced if you ask me. you fall down, and your dead before you even have a chance to get up, fvcking lame.

Bob Dole3655d ago

GTA4 should be number 1.

jorgeanaya0003656d ago

I have to agree, battle mode for Mario Kart Wii did get castrated.

Nathan Drake3656d ago

Too Human was the worst videogame product I've played in the past 10 years of gaming,ironically,it took them 10 years to make it : |

MiloGarret3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

You never played it and you know it troll, I can't understand how you are still allowed in the gamer zone, it's an embarresment to this site.

Not only that but you just owned yourself showing everybody how you obviously didn't even read the article, you just wanted to troll, troll. This is what they actually have to say about it:

"No game in 2008 had as much negative word-of-mouth as Silicon Knights' action RPG. On release, it neither owned the haters nor made prophets of the believers: Too Human turned out to be a flawed but enjoyable experience. The most disappointing part about it, though, was that it was over so soon. Perhaps designing a game as a trilogy isn't the best idea, when it means splitting a storyline into three parts and ending the first the very moment that the plot actually becomes interesting."