Neocrisis: Which Metal Gear Solid game was the best?

*Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Metal Gear Solid series.*

Neocrisis writes: " It's been six months since the release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and many of us are still enjoying the game or realizing something. When an anticipated game comes out, we usually buy in into the hype and think this certain game is the best in the series, and trust me, it happens to most of us. Let's take a look back and see which Metal Gear Solid game was truly the best."

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Timesplitter143656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Really, MGS1, 3 and 4 are all exceptionnal

My favorite is MGS3 by a microscopic margin, and second place is a tie between MGS1 and MGS4. Sometimes, MGS4 takes the first place in my mind, sometimes it's MGS1, so they're pretty much all equal.

Sure the story in MGS4 wasn't as good as MGS1 and MGS3, but for me, it had 2 of the most ''epic moments'' of the series (microwave corridor and the ending after the credits). Psycho Mantis's comeback and the return to Shadow Moses were awesome too.

Anyway, I prefer seeing the Metal Gear franchise as a whole rather than separate games. They're all connected and they all contribute to make the others more awesome. Take Big Boss, for example : if you didn't learn about his story through MGS3, MGS4's ending wouldn't be as epic.

WANNA GET HIGH3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )


- Ghost of Sparta -3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Best story? Snake Eater (PS2)
Best cut-scenes? Snake Eater (PS2)
Best characters? Metal Gear Solid (PS1)
Best boss fights? Snake Eater (PS2)
Best soundtrack? Snake Eater (PS2)

MGS4 was fantastic and Drebin was a great addition but why do I get the feeling that the people voting for MGS4 are just blinded by the amazing graphics and Raiden's awesomeness? I mean sure the story was great as usual and the bosses were amazing to look at but HAVE YOU PLAYED SNAKE EATER?

Best moments in MGS4

- Crawling through the microwave
- Vamp finally gets that he deserves
- Raiden
- Final showdown with Liquid
- Rex VS Ray

Best moments in Snake Eater... THE WHOLE DAMN GAME!

- Epic torture scene
- Best soundtrack
- The most hilarious codec conversations
- Best cut-scenes
- Best ending
- Best boss fight ever (The End)
- Best character in the series (The Boss)

morganfell3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Ghost of Sparta...SPOILER! I have played MGS4 through countless times but some here may have not.

OT, I think MGS3 is the most underrated title in the group. It came at the end of a generation and is thus overlooked when in fact it tells the birth of the entire MG series. Either way, people that did not play the original titles are certainly missing out when the final bomb drop occurs in MGS4.

It doesn't do to go back and play them later AFTER having played MGS4. You will never, never get that same view of "Holy crap, so that is what has really been happening."

It's like watching Star Wars Episode 1, then 2, then 3. And then watching Star Wars Episode 4, 5, and 6. Although that is chronologically correct, if you do that you don't get the "Holy crap" moment in The Empire Strikes Back.

Same here. You need to play the titles in order of release. If you can't do that (that is you do not play Metal Gear or Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake), at least play MGS1, 2, 3 and then 4. For those not aware, beating MGS3 in MGS3 Subsistence, you get access to the original first two titles.

Lifendz3656d ago

I may be biased because I never played MGS3 * runs away * and 4 was the most recent, but the gameplay, the cutscenes, the graphics, the that was a great game. I put it in my top five of all time.

Once it gets Trophy Support I'll be right back in for my second play through.

Elimin83656d ago

MGS1 Is my favorite then 4 and 3. 2 not so much but still like.

Danja3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )


jwatt3655d ago

Ghost I agree, Mgs3 just fell right, and the boss battles were epic. I remember playing the end and using the microphone to listen to where he was at. When I zoomed out of first person view the End was right behind me, it csared the mess out of me.

jammy_703655d ago

but MGS3 was the best game of the series, geat gameplay, graphics i think one of the best games EVER!!

JoySticksFTW3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Then MGS3, 1, and 2

But the differences between 1st place to 3rd place are miniscule

It's more like...

1A. MGS1
4. MGS2

MGS1 had the best characters and bosses that you actually felt for. And maybe even the best story. It definately had my favorite Metal Gear character in the Ninja.

MGS3 had great characters in The Boss, future Big Boss, and a young Ocelot. It also had a great, innovative boss battle in The End (but the boss battles against The Fear, The Pain, The Fury, Ocelot, and Volgen while good to great, weren't that "OMG!! I can't believe that I'm actually playing this!" like a certain Act 4 battle in MGS4).

MGS4 has the best game play and player-friendly controls (an insanely huge plus considering most people loved MGS1 but quit the series after being turned off MGS2's controls).

MGS4 also the IMMENSE FAN-SERVICE. Others can come along for the ride, but at it's heart - it is a game that is for MGS fans. With so many games trying to appeal to a wider audience for more profit, Hideo Kojima seemed like he said...

"Screw it. Maybe next time I'll make a game that tries to cater to everyone, but this game is my Thank You to all of the loyal Solid fans that have been with me through the prior three games. They deserve this."

And that's all on top off, MGS4 amazing boss battles. I'd put MGS4's boss battles up against MGS3's, with Crying Wolf's and The End's battles going head to head... especially when you are battling Crying Wolf during your "No Alerts".

And nothing can top the "OHHH SH!T!!!" moments in MGS4, but as Morgan said above the other games do set those moments up.

That's what places this series in must-play, genius status. Every single one is amazing and they all matter to the story. Missing one, f's everything all up. If you haven't played the earlier ones yet, go get MGS: Essentials now!

"This is good... isn't it..." <--- Epic

EDIT: Then again, maybe I like MGS3 better! I just can't decide!! LOL

umair_s513655d ago

it is about time critics started to compare games of true caliber i.e. metal gear vs metal gear rather than comparing Metal gear titles with halo(s) and gears(s).

Thought each of the mgs titles had their strengths and weaknesses the
best in my opinion was it inspired the rest of the series.

DaTruth3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Man, you guys really liked MGS3 that much. I really hated the camouflage, the reticulated python and the utter tediousness of almost everything in the game. I don't have the words to say how much I hated the camouflage mechanic. The story must have been great, I cannot attest as I had a bootleg copy and my chip stopped working, but I refused to buy it(see above). I really enjoyed MGS2 as the graphical and gameplay leap was equal to MGS4 and I wasn't going to buy MGS4 until I saw the Octocamo.

MGS1 was the best becaause that game, Tenchu and Tomb Raider2 brought me back to gaming.

theEnemy3654d ago

Once you played MGS4 and tried to play MGS1,2 and 3 again, you'll see why MGS4 is the best.

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RyuStrife3656d ago

I'm giving it to MGS 1 as the best. Of course, the one on the PSX, not the remake...

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rogimusprime3656d ago

I really hope you have some extra bubbles in your pocket with a comment like that one.


MGS4 was the best of all,it was both a technical and visual,emotional driven masterpiece, followed by MGS3 snake eater,MGS2 and the hit classic MGS TACTICAL ESPONAGE ACTION. All will be remebered as one of the best games ever created.

Nathan Drake3656d ago

MGS1 was genre defining,MGS4 was revolutionary.

Nathan Drake3656d ago

And MGS4 is still a Playstation 3 AAAA exclusive.

Panthers3656d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

They were all awesome. I even liked MGS2 story. Especially when you find out about the President being a figurehead and all.

Still MGS3 had the best story. MGS4 was great, but the story was a little crazy. There is no greater twist than when you discover the truth about The Boss.

poopsack3656d ago

in epicnicity, MGS4, when it comes to boss battles, MGS3, damn that game was beautiful.