Conduit News and Manual Update

One lucky fan who defended all systems and The Conduit recently got a manual signed by High Volateg Software development team. He also got some exclusive news not found anywhere else. To top it off, there is a huge surprise for the fans.

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Shnazzyone3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Interesting. I had not heard that they recently updated the quantum 3 engine for this game. I can't wait to see the improvements when they show the next and hopefully final teaser before the release.

3653d ago
jorgeanaya0003653d ago

It's true, there hasn't been any new footage. I wonder how they're going to update it and how the game will look after the update.
Guy's lucky to have the chance to interview High Voltage.

Nice manual.

SinnedNogara3653d ago

This guy is lucky. His youtube channel is Shokio. He has some points about the Wii and The Conduit.

3653d ago
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