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Nvidia chip scandal exposed

Buzz Report exposes Nvidia for using bad chips in laptops such as the Macbooks. (Industry, PC, Tech)

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Nathan Drake  +   2138d ago
Cnet is the source?yeah,I don't know about this one...
Wenis  +   2138d ago
I liked how the video started right when she was getting done writing something. Like she was actually writing something.
jerethdagryphon  +   2138d ago
belive it
hp had to issue a enhanced warrenty to cover faulty nvidia chipsets in the pavilions including my own
SONYSLAVE  +   2138d ago
This is almost the biggest scandle since $ony lied about the power of the cell. XD
BurntSmell063   2138d ago | Spam
y0haN  +   2137d ago
Silly Nvidia trying to cut corners, I remember the first 8800GT batch all produced red lines when the heat they were producing was well within regulation.. I was one of those 1st gen owners. Now got a 2nd gen and it runs beautifully.

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