Demon's Souls Trailer Needs No Translating

Siliconera writes:

"From Software is pushing Demon's Souls by using "edgy" English and they're doing a much better job than Global A. Demon's Souls isn't a story driven game so I suppose Japanese gamers don't care about the creation of souls pretext. Seeing a dragon carrying a corpse and a lone warrior against a swarm of enemies describes the game enough."

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Harry1903630d ago

Some nice looking bosses in there. I like the medieval setting too.

smurfie43630d ago

Looks better than what was shown at TGS.

Simon_Brezhnev3630d ago

yep look like the boss battles going to be epic and hard

Sevir043630d ago

i'll be skipping this because i hated oblivion. no thanks. good on sony to get more RPGs but this one will get the back burner. it's WKC all the way

Araceae3630d ago

I'm still unsure about this game, but this trailer is pretty good.

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