GH:WT Free DLC for Complete Guitar Game Buyers

Did you purchase Guitar Hero World Tour recently or thinking about picking it up? You could be eligible for 5 Free Tracks if you purchase the Complete Guitar Game before Dec 31st.

The Complete Guitar Game? What about those that bought or are thinking of buying the Complete Band Game, are they not eligible? That's what it looks like.

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Neurotoxin3649d ago

Oh wow!!! 5 free songs Yay!!!! Maybe that will help towards the cost of having to send back the defective drum kit back.... Or better yet make me completely forget about the drum kit not working altogether!!


PS360PCROCKS3649d ago

read the story it's if you ONLY buy the guitar

TIKUP3649d ago

Is this deal in the UK aswell??

Final_Rpg3649d ago

Better be for complete band as well... for 300 dollars they could at least give me a couple of free tracks.

Matsuiichi3649d ago


So you can download five of how many good tracks? Three?

Seriously, ten games per year with no DLC? Come on. Neversoft, maybe you'd actually make a decent game if you made one Guitar Hero game a year and used the other time to get tons of DLC.

Sorry, RedOctane, you really dropped the ball when you split from Harmonix...good hardware can't compensate for broken music games.

LokMessier3649d ago

Only 5? They could compete with Rock Band 2 a little more in that free DLC department. I mean in RB2 you get 20, but you know meh. At least your getting free tracks so I suppose that's all that matters anyway :).

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