Final Fantasy XIII - DKS3173 HD trailer

Eurogamer Portugal published a new trailer from Final Fantasy XIII. Enjoy!

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Nathan Drake3651d ago

That's what Disc 8 of the 360 version looks like.

(JUST JOKING YA UPTIGHT BAST/\RDS,going to be playing it on both Ps3 and 360)

Bladestar3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

That's what PS3 version looks like.

ultimolu3650d ago can't make jokes like that.

Sarcasm3650d ago

FFXIII Versus does look cooler though. I'm getting too much of a Star Wars vibe from FFXIII.

None the less I believe the last 20 seconds was in-game footage and it looked pretty amazing!

SE you guys are a bunch of money hungry d-bags, but gotta give it to yah on the technical department still.

CrazzyMan3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Look what happened to Last Remnant, without installation of full dvd disc on x360 hdd it`s almost IMPOSSIBLE to play.

I feel sorry for you. ;)

Mainman3650d ago

How much of the FF13versus trailer is in-game/pre-rendered?

The car, the girls white shirt, the business guys, look damn near realistic.

Rob0g0rilla3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Especially IF this FFXIII & Versus turns out to be good. I put a ton of hours (usually over 100) in most FF games. I wouldn't mind because it'll lengthen the life of my Blu-ray drive. Same if it was installed to 360, it would lengthen the life of the DVD drive. An install would be perfect for such a big & long game. I just hope this game is good. I haven't played a good FF in a long time.

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Nathan Drake3651d ago

The ending of the trailer says it's coming in 2009...but only for the Ps3.

*AHEM*,this won't end well.

Parapraxis3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

That is referring to it's release in Japan. When you watch the FFXIII VERSUS trailer it says "ONLY WOLDWIDE PS3" at the end.
The 360 is certainly getting FFXIII, Versus is still PS3 only.

ionstorm3650d ago

u know what would be funny? if the 360 version sells more.

Sarcasm3650d ago

"u know what would be funny? if the 360 version sells more. "

YEAH! Just like all the current 360 RPGS right? RIGHT?


ionstorm3650d ago

no like every multiplatform game that has ever come out.lulz

Max Power3650d ago

tombraider? good thing there is exclusive DLC that didn't make it sell more on the 360.

ionstorm3650d ago

look it up, the numbers dont lie. multiplatform games sell usually 2:1 on the 360. get off the denial train dude.

Max Power3650d ago

you said every multiplat sells more on the 360, and i gave you one that didn't to make your statement void.

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Sheddi3650d ago

hahah what do u mean "me too" :P
just asking, sounded so funny.

diefor3651d ago

I want a remake of FF VII.

INehalemEXI3650d ago

That and an FF8 remake would be nice. They get there eventually.

Parapraxis3650d ago

I don't. They should make another Vagrant Story or Chrono Trigger, the FF franchise is bloated.

Sarcasm3650d ago

"I want a FFVI remake"

If that happens with those kinds of graphics, SE will win me over again. Doesn't matter if it's on the 360 or PS3, I'd buy it again for the colecovision!!!

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PirateThom3651d ago

Some nice CGI, some passable gameplay footage.

Yep, it's a Square Enix game.

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