Thunderbolt: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix PS3 Review

Thunderbolt: "With all this time in the oven STHD should have exceeded expectations. The final product however is a mixed bag, with a lot of good ideas and a fair amount of poor implementation. The new graphics and tweaked gameplay could help usher in a number of new players, but the glaring bugs and gimped feature list will annoy the seasoned Street Fighter veterans. Fortunately for everyone, Street Fighter's core gameplay still prevails and that is really all fighting games are about."

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DA_SHREDDER3657d ago

and I wish I bought the ps3 version. The 360 controler sucks for fighting games with its piece of crap d pad and a grip that is not suitable for using the left bumper button. Its really awkward. I still might get the ps3 version. Times are just tough right now.