Thunderbolt: The New Xbox Experience Review

Thunderbolt: "Despite its shortcomings the New Xbox Experience is a breath of fresh air, a pleasant aesthetic and utility change that is somewhat humbling of Microsoft. Admitting to fault is a good trait to have, and working to better your product is a sign of a good manufacturer. Now if only we could do something about these three red rings..."

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Zeevious3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I couldn't have written a better overview myself...of features, faults and all.

The party system is a GREAT addition and it's a great update.
I'm sure the Netflix options will be added, because the variable quality and no settings for it bothers me as well.

The avatars seem like a gimmick to me, because other than a few games, what do they actually DO for the interface to make it work more effectively? (Yes...I hated the MSOffice Paperclip, SearchDog & MSBob too)

After a few weeks, other than the general issues everyone's already reported, NXE delivers the expected boost to the interface, features & adds even more.

I wish more reviews where as clear, unbiased & direct!

How much, exactly would it cost to build a WWE sponsored wrestling ring where Home & NXE Avatars could fight to the death!

Wait...where are you going?

Would it help if the prize for winning was your very own Wii?