F.E.A.R 2 will not be a simple port

John O'Rorke, software engineer says that F.E.A.R 2 will not be a simple port. The will deal with some problems and they will use the experience of the development of Condemned 2.

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chaosatom3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )


I have to tell you, that's an epic avator picture u have. it's So hilarious .


One again the ps3 will recive a crappy port.I dont know about u but i would rather buy killzone2 next year over fear2.I was in the beta and i can tell u that u will love the onine play.

Who agrees.?

Danja3653d ago

the PS3 will just get the better inferior version ^.^..

since PC is the best platform for this game..

tordavis3653d ago

I played FEAR 2 at E3 and trust me, your jaws will drop when you see this game. The devs said they will use the strengths of each system. Have no fear...

PAPERCHASER03963653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Read it for yourselves........ John O Rorke(principal software engineer) at Monolith states "The PS3 version of Fear2 will not be a port We are working on all three platforms in parallel, whereas in the past we had staggered them developmentally."

This statement from O'Rorke is made in a full interview in PLaystation the official magazine January 09 read it for yourselves" books-a-million baby pick a copy up

Edit* And as for the problems with the Ps3 when asked he states " We intially did,but we jumped through those hurdles in Condemned 2. So by the time we were in full production on FEAR2 we had everything up and running."

yaboi3653d ago

anything like the 1st one
thats 4 sho

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Im pretty sure my jaws will not drop as much as killzone2 made my jaw to drop.i am %100 sure of it.

Max Power3653d ago

that it will be better, it just said its not a simple port.

madmonkey03653d ago

well all i can say is flame on.
just to get things started: we all know deep down the ps3 is the better console

InMyOpinion3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )


Developers: "The game will be better on the PS3"
Reality: The two versions will be identical

Developers: "Both games will be identical"
Reality: The 360 version will be superior

fuzon3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

and many multiplat games all looked better on PS3 and ran better on PS3 too

Mirror's edge got a better score on PS3 than x360

However any PS3 exclusive game >>>>>>>&a mp;a mp;g t;>Gears 2 or any crap box 3 fix me games

Uncharted 2

Queers 1.1

does it ring a bell Jenzo aka Blazing prophet aka SUCK BOX 360 owner


thats GEOW 2

the MP mode looks like sheer DOGSHEET

also the GEOW pic is a bit touched up

so u can imagine how backdated that CRAP BOX 360 is

Yoma3653d ago


InMyOpinion3653d ago

I can agree on Burnout but the other games you mentioned looked identical aka "better on PS3" ;)

Here's a comparison of Dead Space:

Here's one for COD 5, which looks better on the 360:

ambientFLIER3653d ago

1: Thank you for that awesome Gears shot.

2: COD4 is better on the 360. It has rumble, achievements, friends list, custom music, and a better controller.

3: Eat it, dork.

Kleptic3653d ago

jenzo...if you can see a difference between the PS3 and 360 version of CoD 5...great...especially in that horrid video comparison to begin would show 3 seconds of PS3 footage, then leave it on PC or 360 for a minute...both the PS3 and 360 are beasts at that cod 4 was identical on both as well (yeah you could do the retarded fanboy stuff where you zoom in on textures at point blank, and the 360 wins...or zoom in on shadow edges to check aliasing, where the PS3 version would have less...either was irrelevant...they both looked great)...

in either case...I give a big old l...a...w...l at the Wii version...what a pointless joke of a console...I didn't even know there was a wii version...

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