New Final Fantasy XIII and Versus Trailers Released

The Re: Final Fantasy XIII trailers have been ripped and they're both new ones never seen before by the public.


Direct Downloads links for the High Quality trailers are now available.

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meepmoopmeep3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

'tis hawt

Versus "For Playstation 3 Only Worldwide"

NO_PUDding3652d ago

And it looks quite a lot cooler too!

INehalemEXI3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

This is exactly what I needed to see !

so H4WT !

so 3piC !

Would of wore some depends if I knew this was coming today.

kingOVsticks3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

this was unexpected :)

edit: real time game play for FF13 2:42 to 2:54 and real time gameplay for FF13 vs from 4:12 to 4:36 and VS looks better imo

whats up with the disagree? I honestly did not expect a new FF13 and FF13 VS trailer to be shown at 2:30 in the afternoon o.0

Bubble Buddy3652d ago

I like playing as a boy anyways :P. I kid. But Square better put as much effort as they can into making these two games with PS3. They better not dumb it down because of 360. I swear...

MAiKU3652d ago

Tis the sexiness that is only known as.... Versus.

3652d ago
f7ss13652d ago

versus 13>>>>>>13, i like the more serious tone and i ont like how the entire cast are girly girls in 13

INehalemEXI3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

I think SE released there mediocre games first just to make FF13 look even better. Not like they have to its just insanely in a league of its own.

callahan093652d ago

Both games look amazing. Can't wait to have them in my PS3.

And for Final Fantasy XIII, "Coming 2009 For Playstation 3" is all it says. So I guess they're serious about there not being an Xbox 360 version in Japan. That's so weird. Does it make any sense to anybody that they're going to be porting this game to the 360, guaranteed on multiple discs, and they're not even going to release it in Japan? If they're doing all that porting work and not releasing it in Japan, then obviously the PS3 version will be done first. So, are people outside of Japan going to get it first on PS3 (timed exclusive)? And if it's not, then why the hell do PS3 owners have to wait for them to finish the 360 version if we want to play the game in English? I don't understand how this game is being developed for 360 and what stage the PS3 and 360 versions are in, but I just hope that they don't do anything to shortchange PS3 owners just so they can put this game on the 360. If it's done on PS3 first, which it has to be due to the Japanese release itinerary, then all PS3 owners should get access to it before any 360 owners, anything else is just ridiculous.

bushfan3652d ago

they are loading and loading!!! is something wrong with the web-page ?

hay3652d ago

Those trailers sure look amaing but I would love to see some gameplay.

And there's blood in Versus!

CryofSilence3652d ago

Versus gave me goosebumps over and over. Wow. Just epic, even if it was CG (the last part was early in-game though).

chaosatom3652d ago

Looks like someone is jealous.

- Ghost of Sparta -3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Versus looks out of this world. Kingdom Hearts composer Yoko Shimomura doing the music = Instant win.

iHEARTboobs3652d ago

They looked good. I enjoyed the trailer for VS more though but they both looked kickass. I don't play RPG's but I might seriously consider VS.

CryofSilence3652d ago

I agree. That music was nothing short of breathtaking.

Critical_Hit3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

The trailers were great. The thing that gave me goosebumps was reading the past projects of the people working on Versus; lots of FFVII, FFVIII and Kingdom Hearts vets!

Black Maverick3652d ago

That Versus trailer is epic. Definitely the better game of the two although both games will be all kinds of awesome. :)

Need a HQ DD version of the Versus trailer. :(

CrazzyMan3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Watched them both in Hi-res video. AMAZING!
Looking FORWARD! :) Best JRPGS to date confirmed! =)

Homicide3652d ago

OMG OMG OMG! The hype is back :D

Mozilla893652d ago

The trailer for FF13 also only mentions Playstation. I guess cause its for Japan and there isn't a 360 version there...

Doppy3652d ago

Now why could square do this long ago. This is all we needed, something to let us know it's still alive.

ReservoirDog3163652d ago

I really started losing interest in both of these games lately, especially after FF XII which I could never finish cause the only character that's actually likable is Balthier (I think that's how you spell it) but after these, I guess that kinda went away.

Hopefully they come to the US by 2010 though

TheSadTruth3652d ago

wow ff13 versus looks so much better than ff13.. I guess I might have to finally pick up a PS3

doomx563652d ago

I bet versus is gonna be rated M. When the dude stabbed one of the soldiers, tons of blood came out.

Danja3652d ago

FF VS is what im waiting for..PS3 EXCLUSIVE,...

FF13 looked great also but Versus is gonna kick as ..^.^

INehalemEXI3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

OMG that chick in Versus is naughty.

pain777pas3651d ago

Versus FTW. However both trailers LOOK good.

animboo3651d ago

ffxii versus kinda remind me of mafia's and their war. the villain of the trailer (seems to me)is like the big boss of the mafia family and their trying to root out the rogue mafia family, hence the hero of versus. and the hero is involved in a love relationship with the mafias big boss daughter? just a wild theory though, cant wait for the game, its looking out better than final fantasy xiii, but i will definitely buy both.

joemayo763651d ago

is it just me or do the download links for the HQ versions on the site not work keep gettin 503 errors >:|

The Dark Knight3651d ago

Whats the difference between FF 13 and FF 13 VS????

Ive never played a FF game before :)

The Killer3651d ago

and when i save it as a "Save Link As" i only save something not even 1KB file size!!

any one can help me on how to watch it?

B-Rein3651d ago

omg the trailer ive been waiting for, damn that versus trailer jus belw me away...0.0 loookin sooooooooooo forward for taht

AAACE53651d ago

I wanted to post a comment about how I liked both versions and how Versus will guarantee I buy a Ps3, but with so much negativity and fanboyism on here I won't bother to get into much more detail than that!

@Callahan... Have you been under a rock or something? The Ps3 version will be done for japan first! While they are converting the Ps3 version for US and Europe, they will be porting the 360 version and putting in the english while they are making it! It's a big game, and will take alot of time to translate, so I don't think there will be much pointless waiting. They probably have it planned for a holiday launch anyway for us so why get angry?

Has it been that rough for you? Are you that desperate to say a game on Ps3 did something better than 360? Let me guess, you(and every other fanboy) want it to release on Ps3 first so everyone plays it and when the 360 version comes out... nobody buys it, and you can say, "See, it was a waste for SE to make a 360 version!"

GROW UP! Ps3 owners have Versus as well, which looks like heaven... so why do you care? Let the hate go buddy...

Socom3651d ago

Hot damn Versus 13 looks hot.

FF13 is an average looking RPG by comparison.

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OmarJA3652d ago

LOL Versus is still exclusive...

caladbolg7773652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

... but just from these trailers, Versus looks a lot cooler than XIII.

- Ghost of Sparta -3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Yay what?

1. Versus is PS3 exclusive and you don't own a PS3.
2. They haven't even started working on the 360 port of XIII. They're finishing the PS3 version first.

Nothing to be happy about unless you're a PS3 owner...and you're not. :)

Aclay3652d ago

LOL, Omega is getting all excited and he's looking at the PS3 version of FFXIII and the PS3 exclusive FF Versus XIII. No one even knows what the 360 version of FFXIII will even look like. Looks like Omega will have to get a PS3.

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DarthTigra 3652d ago

Wow im actually exited for these games again. Dont fail us square!!!!

lordgodalming3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Holy balls, the in-game stuff on FFXIII looked absolutely amazing.

Square, I'm seriously. Here's my $60, you can have it now. Just quit making Ifrit's Paradise for the EFFING DS and FINISH FFXIII!

Edit: Just finished watching the Versus XIII vid. Make that $120 Square can have. In fact, $240 because I'll probably import. Just. Finish. The. Games.

Edit 2: Thanks for the disagree, a-hole. Leave me alone and go play some crappy shooter.

Panthers3651d ago

They need to put every single person they have to work on 13 and Versus

I want this game tomorrow

Skyreno3652d ago

OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!FF13Versus Awesome!!! can't wait :( hope it comes 2009 in fall

meepmoopmeep3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

if you live in Japan, maybe, or if you understand Japanese to import it

*starts listening to the Rosetta thingy Corrupt linked me to*

NO_PUDding3652d ago

It's certainly a lot further along than we think.

jlemdon3652d ago

nah bro don't hold ya breath for it, although the main character reminds me of certain Uchiha while using Susano-0.

but to the guys that say Versus look better than xii, that's just a matter of opinions.

they look the same graphically but I want to play versus due the Sasuke looking main character.

lordgodalming3652d ago

Except that 2009 for PS3 means that the 360 won't see it until 2010, which FURTHER means that US audiences might not see it on the PS3 until 2010 either. Well, I'm not learning Japanese for my health. Import, import.