FFUnion: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Preview

A couple weeks ago in the article about the state of Final Fantasy a curious title was mentioned, Dissidia: Final Fantasy. As stated then, most Final Fantasy fans hungry for some pure RPG gameplay won't find what they're hoping for in Dissidia, but no-less a lot of Final Fantasy fans are looking forward to it. What exactly fans are looking forward to is a split between what has made Super Smash Bros. such a hit: fandom and gameplay.

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Selyah3652d ago

Nice preview, particularly the bit about the dialogue length, although somewhat skeptical about that, sounds good that it should have a proper story to it.

mephman3652d ago

Yea, I think it's definitely going to be interesting to see how the story pans out.

Kyll3651d ago

I'm betting they just mean there's more voice acting, not specifically double the script.