Xbox 360 Owners Should Hope LittleBigPlanet Sells Well

The arguments between Xbox 360 and PS3 fanboys are usually centered on games exclusive to one console or another. Each faction gets a thrill out of seeing the other console's exclusives tank in reviews or sales. LittleBigPlanet has been sneered at for less-than-stellar sales but for the sake of console gaming, even Xbox 360 owners should hope the game rakes in a lot of money for Sony this holiday season.

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Yh right...If a 360 fan boy is happy LBP sells well i will eat my console... (-_-)

EvilCackle3652d ago

Here comes a flame war about which console tastes better.

hotdawg3652d ago

but I don't we'll be sitting down for that meal anytime in the next 4 million years.

PimpDaddy3652d ago

Although I own all 3 consoles. I admittedly prefer the 360. I tried LBP. Its a good game. So I hope it has great success. In fact I am buying it for my kids this Christmas.

So start chewing Wanna Get High.

austere3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

why should they care either way?

Most people are happy playing the same ol' stuff. I am. I was in the LBP beta. I didn't buy the full game.

The game was fairly fun and very well put together I think. Media Molecule did a good job. I'm just not gonna buy a game for 60 bucks with little content that I will have to depend on user generated stuff to hold my interest (stuff that has yet to be created). I've seen a video here or there on youtube that looks neat but nothing 60 bucks worth. Then all the micro-transactions they keep wanting for thx.

sackboy says hi3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

BU BU BU BUT LBP is a system seller....!! fan boys got owned this year.the only system seller it had was mgs4.And U said that resistance was a launch title thats y it did not do as well as gears1.Well resistance2 was not a launch title and look at the sells compared to gears2 and look at how many consoles it sold compared to what the 360 sold....and look at the reviews compared to gears2(pls dont give me that bs about websites are bias to the ps3,people have different opinion and most people did not like resistance2 and that is a fact,but i still like it)

Just face it, every winner must lose some enjoyed the ps1 and ps2 and won that gen but this gen is very different.the wii is first while the 360 will be second.I know u will say "just wait till then just wait till this comes out just wait till sony starts marketing JUST WAIT TILL GT5 COMES OUT, U WAIT TILL LBP COMES OUT"the amount of comments i have read on this site saying just wait is amazing...e.t.c u will wait for ever.Buy the time the ps3 gets its price cut it would be to late.the 360 will have increased the gap alot more than u think.This christmas sony will get owned. QUOTE ME ON THIS.the ps3 is at 17million and the 360 is at 25million(but with the recent november sales i would expect it to be close to 26million and its a fact)that is an 8million gap and by christmas it will be 9million.

And u still think that sony will come 2nd...oh pls, GTFO.even with a price cut it will still take a hell of a long time for sony to close that gap.Im not a fan boy but i just say the truth and fact.

Well here comes the disagree buy multiple ps3 fan boys, and in the next 20min i will be down to 1bubble but i really dont care.Just accept the is finishng last this gen.the 360 is not gonna end up like the xbox. JUST GET BOTH CONSOLES LIKE ME AND DONT WORRY ABOUT SH1T.U DONT MAKE MONEY FROM WHAT THEY SELL SO WHY DO U CARE.

EDIT:@ GRAPHIC WHORE.Like i said i dont care about bubbles.if i want i can easily make another account!!!but i choose not to, i comment here once i a while and i really dont care what anybody thinks.Yes LBP brought something new to the table but who gives a fuk is its not gonna sell well,do u think sony cares about money or innovation!!pls dont give me bs,in bussiness u have to make money and that is what every company thinks of first.So y was LBP not the system seller people hyped it up to be.Why was it not in the november ndp chart when every one was saying wait till november,What do u have to say about resistance2.This time it was not a launch title and it did not move consoles.U form excuses to much it gets annoying.JUST accept the facts, sony f'ed up this gen by thinking of the ps3 as a blu ray player first, and a game machine 2nd and a £500 price(im in europe).And 1million for a game that was hyped up as the new mario is sh1t and that is the fact.i know what u will say, its a brand new IP.Well u should have said it was a brand new ip before u hyped it up as the second coming of jesus in video games. And if u think bubbles make opinio popular then ur sad.i got bubbled down bcuz i say the facts and i dont spin sh1t like most people do o this website.If sony is messing up i will say the fact and i get bubbles taken from ps3 fan boy and if 360 is messing up i will say it and get bubbles taken from 360 fan boys.

Graphics Whore3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Wow, obvious troll is obvious, first to start off, LBP brought a new genre to video gaming, not to mention NO Xbox 360 game scored as high as LBP this Year. It's a new wave of entertainment and it's really shameful that it's not being as well received, but it still sold ONE million copies in 3 weeks, so I don't see how that is bad.

You get what you pay for and the PS3 is a power house right now, Xbox 360 is slowly becoming the Middleman's console and then there's the Wii.

By the way, considering you have 2 bubbles, you're opinion isn't all that popular, it's just overreaction to fanaticism, but considering that obviously you have more than just one account.


You don't 'eff' up a business strategy, it's a consumable gadget that consumers buy, it doesn't have a rate of failure or is infallable, it's only what the company put's into it. The PS3 didn't fail anything, Neither did Sony. They're doing exactly what they want to be doing right now, and it's obviously subjective to what the person thinks on how they are prospering.

You don't talk facts at all, that's why you have two bubbles lol.

The recession has a clear impact, the Arcade is selling like hot cakes because it's cheaper than the Wii, and the Wii is just on fire. Xbox fanboy's like yourself have this common misconception that sales = quality? I don't know where this arose from but it's not a trend, PS3 clearly has the higher quality titles this year, but you're also paying for an expensive machine, a $400 machine to be precise and it offers alot more than just games, it's a media station, you get what you pay for, just like an HDTV or any other expensive hardware.

LBP brought a lot, but sales doesn't equal quality, don't make excuses for Xbox 360's excessive poor year for quality games with the rendition of sales. Sales only tells you trend in consumer interest, not quality.

You buy a Ferrari, you get a Ferrari, you buy a mid-sized sedan from Honda, you get a mid-sized sedan from Honda.

LeonSKennedy4Life3652d ago

Fanboys or no fanboys...LittleBigPlanet is a much better game than either Gears of War 2 or Fable II. We are fully enjoying the game. I can assure you of that. Now, if you can somehow convince us that you're having more fun with your 360...I'll gladly back down and give you my next paycheck...

As for right now...we're having more fun than you...

...and it feels good.

ionstorm3652d ago

come one leon, dont come with that BS. LBP is good but ur statement is straight sony extremist talk

kevin11123652d ago

If you line up how long the ps3 has been on the market and then do the 360 for the same amount the ps3 will be leading in sales. this is the one thing xbox fanboys never answer when i ask this, if the ps3 is really doing so bad then what does that say for the 360.

bodybombs3652d ago

that statement holds no grounds, you cant say that a game of a completely different genre is a better game than another. it just doesn't work.

not to mention, this game is only determined how good it is by each individual, you cant tell me that this game is better than another, cause there is a chance i wont agree, and neither will many others.

with that said, i do enjoy little big planet, and to drag away from this console war, honestly does it really make a difference? sony has their console, microsoft has theirs, if you dont like one play the other, no need to complain. i have never understood why people care so much about these things. they make games for us to play, yeah some might not be that great, but nobody is forcing anybody to play them.

i figure if the sales from LBP show to be significant enough, it will pave a way for a new type of game in they eyes of every developer for each system, why is there any harm in that. as a matter of fact, why is there any harm in any game giving ideas to developers to make a better, more enjoyable type of game for us all.

whos to say that is wrong

drewdrakes3652d ago

sackboy says hi - I'm a 360 fanboy and I disagreed with you. What kind of life do you have where you make an account devoted to bashing a console? Get a life kid.

No Way3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Do you remember the day I said "I saw LeonSKennedy4Life and stopped reading?" You remember 'at? You replied with somethin like "What!? I made you stopped reading? I have no bias!"

Bro.. there's the bias I was speaking on. Now, if you had said something like LittleBigPlanet is a much better game than either Gears of War 2 or [Insert a Great PS3 Game Here]. Than, whatever. And, please.. please, don't be ignorant and tell me which console I have more fun on. Having more fun on one console than the other is ludicrous, without mentioning the games. Which, then in that case the fun factor, which they have on said console, is decided by a person and THAT person only.

For example.. You like LBP, I hate LBP.
You hate Too Human, I like Too Human.
See where I'm going with this??
& by the way, I did enjoy Too Human. =) And, I have not yet tried LBP, so I can't say that I hate it, it was just an example. =) But, I'll be picking it up once I purchase my PS3.

Oh, & dimeford - The PS3 DOES in fact taste better, trust me, I know. Oh, and opinions do not exist, there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.. I know all. =)

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NiteWarrior3652d ago

You obviously didn't read the article, its talking about if how LBP does well then MS may recognize the popularity of user-generated content which will eventually make its way towards 360 games.

Although the article does make sense i disagree b/c for some reason MS is really against user generated content. Its why UT3 was a timed exclusive to the ps3. But who knows, if user-generated content becomes popular then they might have to change their minds. Doubt it tho.

PimpDaddy3652d ago

Microsoft isnt against user generated content. They are against user generated content they cant make money off of. There is a difference.

EvilCackle3652d ago

What kinds of user-generated content CAN you make money off, though?

3652d ago
Counter_ACT3652d ago

You just answered your own question.

EvilCackle3652d ago


True. I guess there is the chance someone will come up with something amazing (a la Counter-Strike). I'd be surprised to see a console game allow for such extensive modding, though.

austere3652d ago

ya thats the beauty of PC gaming. People modding can be amazing. I doubt we'll every see something like Counter-Strike on a console.

But you look at Valve. Wow. They made amazing Half-Life. But look at their other stuff that is so popular. TF2, DoD, CS, Gary's Mod. All user created stuff before Valve came in and swept them up. Of course they improved on the mods tho before going and selling them.

People are still making stuff using their tools tho. I'm looking forward to Black Mesa Source. Remake of Half-Life 1.

EvilCackle3652d ago

Yeah, user-generated content has paid off really well for Valve because it's created so many new game opportunities from them. Plus it enables them to continue their slower-than-average development schedule because players always find some new mod to keep old Valve games entertaining.

WANNA GET HIGH3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Im sorry but i dont agree.I got a ps3 but i did not buy LBP.i HATE the game.Creating levels is not for me and playing with puppet is not for me either,i love things that go boom and bang.I dont care if u call me narrow minded.Not every one likes lbp and that is a fact.I will rather play gears2,resistance2,killzone2,g od of war 3...e.t.c over LBP any day any time.


LMAO..U get bubbles for that. flame war about consoles that taste better... XD

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HemDroid3652d ago


Suck It Droids

Graphics Whore3652d ago

Ahah, 2 bubbles, I guess all your accounts are going for a 1-2 bubble streak.

End Of war 23652d ago

i think this guy forgot he had smoked cracj before he made this post why would i care for lnp that thing is garbage it took 4 hours for t get boring a bit like home and yes ive been on both .

3652d ago