Videogamer: Rebalancing Street Fighter 2 HD Remix Part 2 Interview

Videogamer writes: "Everyone knows that Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix is absolutely brilliant (cos you've read our review, right?). But what everyone doesn't know is that it might not have made it out the virtual door. Here, in the second part of our massive post-mortem interview series with lead designer David Sirlin (click here for the first part), he reveals just how close the game came to getting the chop from the powers that be at Capcom, and explains why it's better off for Backbone that he doesn't dish the dirt on his departure from the developer. Did you ever get the feeling that Capcom might cancel the project at any time during the development of the game?

David Sirlin: Yeah that was a possibility. It felt the most possible during that first phase with the art that we had to throw away. It was unspoken but everyone just knew it that if that art wasn't going to work out then maybe they would cancel the whole thing. And turns out they didn't. I wonder if there was just so much pressure from the outside that kept them going."

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