Why Infinity Ward Isn't Planning DLC for CoD4:MW

Gamerlimit: "I see many community managers from different development houses interact with people on the forums, take some feedback and just relax and have fun with fans of their game. After Robert Bowling [Community Manager of Infinity Ward] made an announcement that a set of playlists were going to come via an update for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, many of us anticipated the new playlists and waited for weeks onto months before coming to the realization that the playlists were never going to happen."

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GrieverSoul3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Simply because the multiplayer from a predecessor would surpasse his sucessor of the COD franchise!

Anyone here dare to say COD WW multiplayer is better than COD4 MW?
I sure prefer the MW multiplayer! The weapons in WW suck!

However, a genius move would be WW DLC contain weapons from the COD4 MW settings! I know, I know, its wouldnt fit the World War 2 cenario but Im talking about multiplayer specific´playlist that would enable the MW weapons!

AAACE53654d ago

I have already lost interest in CoD WaW! Same thing happened with CoD 3.

I played through almost half of the story mode and lost interest, I played multiplayer alot at first but now rarely ever feel like being bothered with it!

CoD 4 was better in every way, and I am pissed that I traded mine in to get World at War!

herbaldoctor73654d ago

cod4 best game ever. if they would put a new map pack it would jump to number 1 again as most played.destroying cod waw and halo easily.

SixZeroFour3654d ago

unfortunately they arent providing gamers with new maps, let alone those new game types that were promised a while back

thats the main reason why bungie and halo come back to the top of the most play 360 online game, because bungie isnt too hesistant to release maps, change gametypes, change gametype balance even a year after its release

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bumnut3655d ago

the map pack was not very good, i liked the maps but you could not guarantee you would get to play on them.

pp3655d ago

No whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Notttttttttttttttttttttt.

bohemian 233655d ago

That's just there way of saying " We could make 10 bucks off of you or charge you 60 for a new game in a few months". I like Call of Duty but they crapped that game out and never looked back.

evrfighter3654d ago

Except It's not just Infinity Ward that develops CoD. They are currently alternating between them and Treyarch. They are probably fully aware any DLC they put out would probably lead to potential buyers and online gamers sticking with cod4 because as most know...It's the better of the two.

In the end it's what Activision wants. I'm sure Activision doesn't want an annual release policy seeing less sales because a cod title from a few years back is still being played more than their newer titles.

rodellison3655d ago

I can kinda see his logic in terms of the fact that it would take IW resources away from current projects (and there is a cost impact to do that)...but I suppose when XBLive is reporting that your game is STILL in the top 10 over a year later, that there's a likelihood of some profit to be made for continued support (new maps, etc).
For every great artist at IW, theres probably 10 more out there that with the right tools (i.e. access to IW's map creator and appropriate NDA contracts in place), could take over the creation of maps so as to be profitable for both them AND IW.
I loved COD4, still do but the desire to see something/anything fresh is starting to outweigh me putting it in the slot in favor of something new.

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