1UP: PlayStation Home is Live But Off to a Rocky Start

The launch of PlayStation Home has seen many gamers struggle to enter thanks to ugly error codes.

"You can download the client now (or, for those that were in the closed beta, you'll now find a PlayStation Home icon on the PlayStation Network tab of the XMB) but don't get your heart set on getting in on the dance party that's set for 6PM PST today. There have been a tremendous number of reports from users -- including several of us here at 1UP -- about error codes and other problems that have prevented them from getting past the Home beta screen."

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The gaming GOD3657d ago

Because I was having the same problem they were about four hours ago. Now I've been in home for like two hours without a disconnect

Danja3657d ago

I experienced a few dis-connection probs earlier on , but been running smooth for a few hrs now..

1UP is trash..!!

0verdrive3657d ago

same, i had connection errors this afternoon, but i came back after work and everything booted up fine, without a hitch. in fact, i was expecting that all the traffic was going to bring the psn down, but was presently surprised how smooth everything is running.

Sayai jin3656d ago

Cool, more people are able to connect. I am still getting connection errors. but my next door neighbor is not having any issues.

Alvadr3656d ago

Couldnt get on at all last night.

This am had no problems at all.
This pm had a couple of 'connection lost' while trying to log in but thats it.

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Kush_Reaper3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Hence why it's in beta form. And don't forget the traffic it's generating.


blackbeld3656d ago

I have HOME and have no problems!!! Don't waste time to read this article frome 1UP even IGN are waste of time they only gives SPAM news!

pwnsause3657d ago

People who are dissapointed in what they see in Home should realize that this service is now at its early stages into the public's hands and should realize that this service is going to evolve into a rapid rate, not to mention integrate and force the PSN to evolve at a Rapid rate, and its free. I've been in the Home Beta for a year now. I know what is expected out of the open beta and beyond.

etownone3657d ago

I'm actually hoping HOME turns out ot be a success....

Jackthepwnsaur3657d ago

despite the start that its having now, overtime its going to evolve and grow with lots of content. Not to mention its going to force the PSN to grow and evolve with it as well. I've been in the Beta for well over a year, I've seen lots of things which happened to Home. It will be a success.

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The story is too old to be commented.