Time Magazine's Insult to Games Industry

Time Magazine released their top 10 games of 2008 awards, but what should have been an celebration for games has actually turned into a backhanded compliment. Gameplayer reports...

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Shnazzyone3652d ago

This guy seems to be spazzing out about nothing. It's a magazine for old people, name 1 person under 20 with a time subscription... I dare you. Miscategorizing and placing games based on sales numbers and trace information is how old people journalism works. Sad but true.

SlappingOysters3652d ago

But Time should be trendsetter. They should be the ones informing these old people about how far gaming has come. By doing this they have merely furthered the idea that gaming is just a kids thing and little more than a toy.

Mahr3652d ago

"Time should be trendsetter. They should be the ones informing these old people about how far gaming has come."

People who actually read Time might tell you that it regularly has features in its Arts section wherein they detail and review works that readers should be aware of, and that these have in the past featured videogames alongside critically acclaimed books, music albums, shows, plays, and films.

shelbygt333652d ago

Actually... I have been getting time since i left for college. I like the magazine, and asked my parents to give it to me as a "going away" present.

I'm now nearing 30 and still get the magazine, but I have liked it for some time :)

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Capital G3652d ago

gameplayer is about as credible as SONY responding to ther npd numbers

MaximusPaynicus3652d ago

...then again, I'd take a homeless man's word over Kotaku's...

SlappingOysters3652d ago

Are a joke. All they do is reprint other people's stories and then take the credit. Bottom of the barrel filth... alongside pay for reveiws places like GameSpot and I'll change my review if it annoys someone important IGN.

Anyone how is this relevant. Time Magazine did what they did - it is not up for debate whether they did it or not.

The gaming GOD3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

I ask that because there is no person I know OVER the age of 18 that displays your high level of extreme fanboyism. You bring it to every thread you go to. Pathetic would be an understatement. Can't you be a pal and go back to the open zone. It was made for YOUR kind.

panasonic233652d ago

sonyfanboy websites are going crazy they trying their best to spin spin watch an article about ms is doomed in 09 or sony won 08.

Software_Lover3652d ago

Please. Its time magazine. Why is a gamer reading it for gaming purposes anyway? Its for a totally different crowd.

XXXCouture3652d ago

lol try and read this thread from the IGN forums, hilarous

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