TF2 (PC) update is live. Engineer items now have 3 levels.

A update for Team Fortress 2 released on December 11, 2008 contains some significant game play changes:

* The Engineer's teleporters can now be upgraded to level three. It will recharge faster the higher level it is
* The Engineer's dispensers can now be upgraded to level three. It will give out metal and heal faster as it is upgraded
* Spies will be able to recharge their cloaking ability by picking up ammo off of the ground or from health cabinets
* Some changes to the second part of the first stage of Goldrush to give the attackers more of an advantage
* Any weapons that fire bullets (shotguns, sniper's machine gun, heavy's minigun, etc.) can now break apart the Demoman's stickybombs
* The icon on the HUD for a person calling for Medic will now give more information to the medic (if the target is low on health, on fire, etc.)
* Added an achievement tracker that will allow people to choose specific achievements that they are trying to get
* There is now a custom icon for death messages when the player was killed from a critical hit
* Added a new particle effect for when a player enters the water
* Added smoke to the feet of a rocket jumping soldier
* Players will now have some particles swirling around them so other players can see when they are overhealed

XBox 360 owners can expect the same gameplay enhancements in the future.

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Proxy3653d ago

I know there is a Destructoid article that says an update is coming to the 360, and also that a update is COMING to the PC soon.

The difference however is that my submission states that the update is not COMING but is live and ready for download on your PC.

ahnonamis3652d ago

No, there is already one saying that the TF2 update is live.

3652d ago
Sty3651d ago

It really makes a deference in the battle fieald

Proxy3651d ago

Make it so that 1 engineer can be effective in moving the team to the front lines. Before you needed 2 or maybe more to keep the team at the front. Now 1 upgraded teleporter can do the job.