5 Reasons Disney Should Buy Electronic Arts

The Motley Fool writes: Did my Mickey Mouse ears hear that right?

"Is Walt Disney Co. preparing a bid for Electronic Arts?" That's what The Wall Street Journal's "Heard on the Street" column asked yesterday, building on comments that Disney (NYSE: DIS) CFO Tom Staggs made during a conference on Tuesday.

Asked if Disney's focus would be on developing in-house games over buying more developers, Staggs responded, "I don't want you to conclude that those are in the long term mutually exclusive." He went on to say that a "strategic and attractive" purchase would be "a possibility" for the family entertainment giant.

Did he say Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS)? No. However, a combination of EA's battered share price and Disney's desire to ramp up its gaming presence dovetail nicely in the rumor mill. Even if it's unlikely to happen, let me go over five reasons why it makes perfect sense.

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Yi-Long3654d ago

... that could turn out good, or very very bad.

TOO PAWNED3654d ago

MS will buy them, you heard it here first.