US PlayStation Store Update 12/11

Here's your weekly store update featuring a lot of Insomniac Games updates for both R:FoM and R2. There is also new LBP items. Hit the jump for the full list of PSP and PS3 updates.

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UNCyrus3651d ago

Insomniac, way to stay on the ball... Thanks for the support!

- Ghost of Sparta -3651d ago

The Street Fighter costumes look super awesome.

UNCyrus3651d ago

I can't wait until there is a youtube video of four people in all the different SF costumes fighting in LBP... that would keep me entertained for hours...

- Ghost of Sparta -3651d ago

I will be extremely disappointed if Sony doesn't release a video upload feature for LBP. You could do this in PixelJunk Eden so why not LBP? Doesn't make sense to me.

Rice3651d ago

Thats why i love sony :)

fan_of_gaming3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

i'll download the free R:FOM map packs and most of the trailers :)

poopsack3651d ago

I was expecting a Sonic Unleashed demo. :P

fan_of_gaming3651d ago

i was hoping for a Sonic Unleashed or Prince Of Persia demo

Bnet3433651d ago

If you have a 360, there is a Sonic Unleashed demo on XBL. Very short and didn't convince me to buy it either.

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The story is too old to be commented.