Retailers slam HMV over PS3 deal

Top games retailers have hit out at HMV for a deal that guaranteed customers a PS3 at launch if they bought a bundle including the console and a PSP.

An email from the firm last Friday guaranteed 5,000 consumers that they could be one of the 'lucky few' to pick up a PS3 on March 23rd – so long as they committed to buying a PS3, a 4GB PSP and two PSP games for £674.99.

HMV has now widened its PS3 offer to include taking 'normal' pre-order deposits in store and on the web. It has continued the online PSP online, but customers of the deal will no longer be prioritised at launch.

"We won't be following HMV's lead on the PSP pre-order bundle, because we won't hold our customers to ransom," head of games at Choices UK Martin Baxter told MCV.

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OutpostCommand4302d ago

in my opinion, HMV is commiting daylight robbery.
Ive already got a PSP-
what do I get ?!

MaximusPrime4302d ago

Ever since i first heard that HMV was doing that offer, thats when i thought it was a joke. But no, its true. Its a con...

Despite being top retailer for DVD and music, they will lose some PS3 anxious customers. Who knows that HMV might reconsidered after the release date? If thats a case, i will probably buy it from HMV if i failed to get them from other retailers.

techie4302d ago

Who can just pump out £675!? Seems silly, especially when other retailers are apparently going to allow the customer to pay in installments...

I'm more willing to wait to get it than to struggle to find one or have to do this malarky.

Or maybe I'll just get one for free :)

Looks like the real deal - and has been known to work before

I haven't got anything to lose :)

MaximusPrime4302d ago

u cant really advertise on here. Thats called spam

techie4302d ago

ooops I didn't mean it to be spam. Twasn't advertising. Just thought some people might want to try it out as well - I want to see if it works so I don't have to buy one of stupid hmv. Didn't mean it to be advertising.

Havince4302d ago

spam is a rank kinda meat in a can @-)

HandShandy4302d ago

I work in the retail consumer electronics market and the reason behind this was because of MARGINS on the PSP and it's games.

Selling just a video game console will not make any profit, just a loss. Where we really make money is with the add-ons and extended warranty.

It's also a Sony force tactic to flood the market with PSPs. Just like they did with mobile phones.... handing out free PSPs left right and centre.

I think this wouldn't be a bad deal for someone who has neither console and wanted to get an ideal bundle - but for the mainstream, it's just rediculous.

Thank goodness I have a PS3 before anyone else and I can avoid the UK rush.

PureGamer4301d ago

i went into HMV today down in canterbury and what do i see a poster saying " Preorder your PS3 now for a £100 deposit " so wtf is this article on about?