Killzone MIA at GDC

"No, Killzone won't be GDC at all," stated SCEA Manager, Ryan Bowling, in a conversation with IGN held earlier this afternoon. "The time for that game is coming and we'll have new information about it in the future, but not at GDC."

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nice_cuppa3961d ago


i hate how vague the games industry is !

PS360PCROCKS3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

HAHA hey Simmo thought your "insider" information told you Killzone would be their and would blow us and Microsoft away? You must have some pretty bad insiders buddy.

To everyone else besides Simmo, that comments not to you. This actually sucks I was interested on how it was coming along, and was actually pulling for a ps3 demo, so I could try it out.

sixaxis3961d ago

what the... you are kidding, right?

Marriot VP3961d ago

Pretty sure killzone devs can't afford to release actual ingame footage or ingame pictures, they don't feel like deflating their own hype tactics.

Bill Nye3961d ago

Saying it's MIA suggests that it was planned to be there to begin with. I'm pretty sure it was not.

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The story is too old to be commented.