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Home suffering instant connection issues

Multiple users are complaining that they're unable to access the now-launched PlayStation Home. (Home, PS3)

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pale2hall  +   2275d ago
I've seen it myself.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   2275d ago
same here even tho i been had home i mean im not surprise everybody downloading and trying to get on at one time i guess there is a lot of hype for it :)
NegativeCreep427  +   2275d ago
I've downloaded and accessed it about an hour ago...
Where are you guys accessing it from?

Here in the major locales in Los Angeles I haven't seen any problems with Home.
blackbeld  +   2275d ago
i also got this problem ...

edit. at the begin. now it works!!!!!!!
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Radiodread  +   2275d ago
yeah I'm gettin the same message but diff numbers
this sucks, I hope they fix it soon.
lociefer  +   2275d ago
there's like 7-9 m ppl trying to access it at least , of course shiet is bound to happen ,i think sony is gonna expand the servers capacity or smthin , patience is the key
ThanatosDMC  +   2275d ago
Yup, that's how it was when i got my beta invite. Couldnt download it till 4am in the morning.
Draperc  +   2275d ago
Try telling that to the people who are gonna start saying "IT'S BECAUSE TEH HOMEZ IS BUGGY AND GLITCHY AND SUXORZ! OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!1E LEVEN!!" I'd like to seem them try to sort through close to 14 million psn ids in mere seconds.
BrunoM  +   2275d ago
humm isent it easy to see why these is hapening every one that as a 360 went to buy a ps3 to try home out .. lol no im joking ..
but its easy i mean come on guys theres MILS of people tryint to get in to home so ya ...

gave it time by these time tomorrow it will work good and easy
ofx360  +   2275d ago
im having the same problem. im gonna try it through ethernet
Sayai jin  +   2275d ago
Your right patience is the key. I was in the closed beta for about 2 weeks with only a few connections issues, but since the launch I having the smae problems. So this is definately due to all of the anxious people trying to log into Home. Sony will respond with more servers without a doubt. The only problem I have is why did they wait. They knew Home was long awaited. The new roughly how many people have PSN accounts. They sould have already had enough servers. With that said it is still in beta. It will get better.

@Draperc- 14 million? You do realize those are double and triple accounts made by the same PS3 owner. I have 2 accounts myself. Like the original poster said 7 to 9 million.

Back on topic, I hope the connection is do not last long and everyone is enjoying Home.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2275d ago
Yeah, right just like the NXE but that didn't stop the $ony zealouts from slinging their poo around like gorillas.

So yes, it's because Home is a buggy freakin mess and PSN sucks. But it's free so you have no right to complain.
Dread  +   2275d ago
I remember how people dumped all over Ms for the stupid christmas lag. But of course now it is perfectly understandable. Sony should get a pass.

I truly think this is not a real problem . With so many users it is expected. Just make sure u apply the same reasonable standads both ways.
Alvadr  +   2275d ago
Seriously your not going to get on today. I tried for about 1/2 hour and just kept getting timed out. Not surprising that its like this.

Im gonna try again sometime tomorrow, its pointless getting frustrated now.
TheDude2dot0  +   2275d ago
Isn't the whole point of betas to see if this happens? What's with the complaining?
whoelse  +   2275d ago
Realistically theres probably more like one million trying to log in. Not everyone who has a PSN account is trying to sign in at this very time.
agentace  +   2275d ago
lol i got on 1st time, i guess its just luck

well you pay M$ not to have problem thats why its not ok
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smurfie4  +   2275d ago
yeah me too. I think its because of a whole lot of people trying to login at once. That same error code popped up in the k2 beta and one of the devs on the killzone forums said it was a login error.
foreverflame   2275d ago | Spam
xwabbit  +   2275d ago
2 Many people downloading it LOL, this SH GOING TO BE AWESOME!
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InfectedDK  +   2275d ago
Thats how a real start should be and thats how it always is.
I have been logged in some times now and some times i cant log in..
I guess we will just have to wait until its up and running 100% which ofcourse takes some time. See you beyond.
ghostface  +   2275d ago
Same here.
40cal  +   2275d ago
When I did get in.
Before it kicked me out there was a F'in Ocean of people in Central Plaza. I have never seen HOME that full.
Yi-Long  +   2275d ago
I downloaded it, accepted the terms...
... and after that, connection fails. Great stuff(!)

I dont see why we cant create the avatars OFFLINE, so we could at least already be doing that while we wait for the online to work.
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InMyOpinion  +   2275d ago
Well, what the hell did you expect?
NegativeCreep427  +   2275d ago
We expect a fa*got hater like you to stop dwelling in the news areas that don't concern you or that console you own and to just STFU!

Good God! Go Get Laid or something. Sh*t!
Draperc  +   2275d ago
I expected you to say something along the lines of "LOLZ HOME IS TEH SUXORZ!!!!!!!11 IT IS TEH BUGGIEST PIECE OF CRAP ON TEH WORLDS!!!!!!!!!!1" like an ignorant asshole
kingboy  +   2275d ago
Do you ever game?spend your life 24/7 on N4G spewing hate messages like it was a daily job or something lol
InMyOpinion  +   2275d ago
I have nothing against homosexuals. I'm not a "fa*got hater". I think Kurt Cobain was a great musician no matter what his sexual orientation was. I also think it's brave of you to openly promote a homosexual band in your avatar.

Home must've been really disappointing since you guys took my comment so personal.
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NegativeCreep427  +   2274d ago
Oh yeah considering that Kurt had a wife (Courtney Love) and had a beautiful baby girl before his death. They all just screams of his blatant homosexuality!!!

Idiot fanboys like you always make me smile. Just for the fact that the only way you idiots can counter a very substantive comment like mine is by attacking my avatar. Its just like a little stupid school-yard child saying "You're Momma" when they can't think of anything decent to counter an argument.

Leave all you're B.S. off of N4G and grow the F up!
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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2275d ago
I bet you..
...All the people on this who said 'i have lost interest in HOME' are all trying to get in ;-D

I just put a game on after i couldn't get on. I'll try later.
Socomer 1979  +   2275d ago
wow, that was fast.
it took gears of war 2 about 2 to 3 days to report about connection problems.

are everyones ps3 instantly connected to the media? when i lock up my ps3 poening to many pages too fast are they the first to know?
Ju  +   2275d ago
...and I am still at work. Guess the majority couldn't even try yet (guess, the majority has jobs and isn't just school kids - but maybe I am expecting too much). Or its just Europe (or east coast).
cliffbo  +   2275d ago
just keep trying. it took me four attempts
Fade_Walker  +   2275d ago
Sounds about right, it took me about 5 times.
Socomer 1979  +   2275d ago
wow 40 cal are you for real?
a ocean of people right?

that must of been crazy!
Unreal2901  +   2275d ago
just got kicked out
its a freaking launch disaster sony you should have been ready by now this really sucks and im loosing faith in sony. WAITBEYOND its frekin true
Edge Maverick  +   2275d ago
I've hung in there, but this consistent failure is starting to become quite pathetic.
Coconutz919  +   2275d ago
Jeez, cool yer beans...
Home, or any online space for that matter, is not designed to have EVERY PS3 OWNER IN THE WORLD logged on at the SAME TIME. These types of games are designed for a constant flow of people logging on and logging OFF. You just can't necessarily blame Sony. It's just not ethical for a company to have server support for EVERY player at one time. Later down the road when not every PS3 owner and their mom is trying to log on, it'll run just fine.

EDIT: @ below: That's true. I agree that the connection issues on those games should be fixed prior to release and that's definately a problem. I think Home is different though. The demand is insanely higher than other games.
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Edge Maverick  +   2275d ago
Please consider that these online failure to initalize are now EXTREMELY common for Sony products. This, LBP, SOCOM, Resistance 1 (2 at times) and Warhawk are all great examples and 3rd party games, especially from Ubisoft just love to flop on the PSN. That's why we're all a little ticked at this shiet again.
Cenobia  +   2275d ago
It's still a BETA. If you can't handle the issues don't use it until full release. Just because its an open beta doesn't mean all the issues go away.

Beta's are there to iron out the problems. Get over it.
peeps  +   2275d ago
i got in fine but network dc'd so now of course i cant get back on :p lol but i'm amazed at all the fanboys and this article. ppl seem to forget that this is the open BETA and not actual home. the idea is to stress test with large numbers of users i.e. how home will be. and then tweak it so that the final product won't have these issues...
DeZimatoR  +   2275d ago
Oh don't start this sh!t...
Its bound to have some problems at the time of release. Just go play some games and come back tomorrow when the dust has settled ;)
DERKADER  +   2275d ago
I hope home isn't just one big lag and glitch fest. I downloaded it and am getting connection errors when trying to sign in. Every one who says that this was expected should tell that to Sony so it doesn't happen the next time that try to release something big.
christian hour  +   2275d ago
I'm not even gettin an error. I've been stuck on "initialising" for the past hour... i'm afraid to turn off my console incae it decides to access the hdd JUST as i turn it off :|

*edit* okay, everytime it goes to initialising its actually just crashing my ps3. Anyone else getting this problem? Or am I the one person in the world whos getting a different problem than anyone else? :P
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Tainted Gene  +   2275d ago
^^whats disagreeable about what he said
DoctorBonzai  +   2275d ago
Can't say I have the same problem. In my case, it does the initializing then times out at every step other of the process, forcing me to retry over and over...and over again. D:
christian hour  +   2275d ago
Yeah I stopped posting here for a good while because as un-biased as I was, people here just like to disagre no matter what. I like to think I'm a fair man, I own all consoles, and I accept all thier pros and cons (and i dont exaggerate like most) yet theres always someone who has to disagree or be a total close minded watchamacallit... erm, teenager! thats the word :P

Anyways, an update on my situation. I finally made it passed initialising, accepted the terms and conditions, and then, BAM, finally gettin the error everyone else is. But since then, its a gamble on my ps3 crashing at initialising, or i make it passed that and i get network error. I'm gonna give up for now and try again tomorrow. My XBL account is out as of monday so I really have nothing else to do but refresh HOME and hope it works :P
OldParr  +   2275d ago
this is a normal thing!!! be patient
Edge Maverick  +   2275d ago
Normal for PS3 yes
Not quite as consistent for Live or PC gaming mate.
cliffbo  +   2275d ago
Maverick you have to remember that there are more people that will be accessing HOME than LIVE. arcade owners and core owners don't even bother with downloading stuff. and don't forget this is a Sony product. so you are bound to get more interest. HOME will be running fine once people have downloaded it and downloaded each space
tda-danny  +   2275d ago
Then go play on live, we're sick of your comments already.

Oh, and I 'played' gears 2 online on launch, boy was that flawless, on a paid-for service, no less.
aiphanes  +   2275d ago
Mav get off this thread....go play gears of war 2.....
Oh i forgot it also has online issues too...come on dude Home at the moment has over 2 million people trying to log in.....
-GametimeUK-  +   2275d ago
let me in on my 5th try... not bad... with the amount of time Sony have spent on HOME I should of connected 1st try but no biggie... Im in and LOVING IT!
peeps  +   2275d ago
obv people missed my point. this is a beta...
WhittO  +   2275d ago
PSN is under alot of stress
It took me a few attempts to even sign in to PSN, i cant check any1s profile for trophies or anything, haven't even tried home yet lol.

Totally understandable, with the amount of people downloading home spaces right now.
foreverflame  +   2275d ago
another win for the 360 NXE!!!!
ok so i DL'ed Home right now i must say its quite stupid my avatar looks like like a guy with down-syndrome and everyone here is ugly...Enjoy a gamers motel guys! i'm going back to the real-gaming machine the 360 i'm gonna go play some blue dragon.
Edge Maverick  +   2275d ago
Well, you fail
Cause you can't even get into home to see your avatar...

So you all fail!
pukka_p  +   2275d ago
Hang on...
As I understand it the avatar can be customised so you can make it look just like your real self. So, presumably, you did that - but now you complain?
DoctorBonzai  +   2275d ago
If you're so attached to your "real gaming machine", why did you bother burning money on a PS3?

And it's your fault your avatar looks retarded.
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Yipee Bog  +   2275d ago
edge that was good. btw, isn't blue dragon a kiddy game?
On topic, Ya I'm getting connection issues but its due to traffic. That is what beta is for, to test sever load. no problem, it will be fixed
Radiodread  +   2275d ago
are you kidding me look at live's connection problems
Last christmas it was out for what a week? shut the hell up you douchebag.
locos85  +   2275d ago
just wait. Home is worth it. the closed Beta was pretty cool.
Crazywhitie  +   2275d ago
This is nothing new with the PS3,, The home beta wasn't even big enough to hold 50,00 users,,, now they are trying to force millions into it... Wow I just wonder if they added anything.. There is not much to do yet
DERKADER  +   2275d ago
On open beta is just a way for companies to release unfinished buggy software and get away with it. It's a beta can be the answer to all of home's problems until Sony figures out what there doing.
DARKTRINITYxxx  +   2275d ago
Well i was happy i rebooted my PS3 and there it was the home icon. Downloaded and installed no probs. But now im really pissed off i either get connection timed out or a error message. Im in the UK btw any others in the UK getting this problem ?
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