Microsoft Purposely Corrupting Resident Evil 5 Demo Downloads?

WorthPlaying writes: "Resident Evil 5 is the forthcoming installment in Capcom's survival/horror series, promising to revolutionize the series by delivering an unbelievable level of detail, realism and control. Last week, Capcom Japan released a RE5 demo, and handy gamers could easily download it by signing into a Japanese XBL account. But a week after its release, non-Japanese gamertags were suddenly forced out of XBL when running the demo, and then upon return, the demo magically became corrupted.We ask Capcom and Microsoft for comments ..."

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borgome3654d ago

Hahaha, cheaters getting owned.

vitz33654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

M$ screws it's customers over for having an interest in other countries stores. o.O

I have EU and JP PSN accounts and I've yet to see Sony treat me like a damn thief. Hell I've even called the japanese support line to buy PSN store cards over the phone with my Canadian credit card. They just gave me the code and sent me merriliy on my way.

Go M$, just keep alienating your customers, see how well it continues to wo-... Wait, they're mostly americans, I understand now... -_-

Bladestar3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

I do not like the fact that a company tries to block a content made by another country... but when you are sent to the court room very often like microsoft is... there is a reason why they are being so careful...

I know many of you are ignorant to this: that each country have their own rules and restriction about the content and who access the content...

for example, imagine if microsoft releases a demo of gears for everyone to download in Germany where the game is practically banned?

The fact is that if Microsoft can detect and prevent people from accessing content that will cause microsoft to break the rules and regulation of a country... they are guilty and would lose lot of money in court?

This is not microsoft screwing their fanbase... this is microsoft covering their @$$ in case the stupid country authority goes after then.

This content is only meant for Japan audience, approved by the developer and the government to be distributed in japan... I understand if microsoft didn't have the capabilities (as probably sony does not) to detect and prevent the enforcement of these rules... but since they do... what make you think they will not.. specially if it makes developers, content owners and goverment happy?

That to me sounds like... following the rules.. not screwing anyone...

gamesmaster3654d ago

what? u mean it sounds like microsoft screwing everyone to cover thier ass!! if people go to the length of getting the demo thrugh a japan account, they must be avid fans, so why screw them? beause they're msoft thats why, were're talking about corps not charitys

MiloGarret3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Learn to read, he actually made sense. Still sucks though.

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borgome3653d ago

Sony has raping people for years, especially with their lacluster TV's

RainOfTerror3654d ago

not really cheating, the trick has been known and published plenty of times before, so it must have been condoned.

Just a little disturbing that they can go into your system and f**k s**t up because the content you have on there isn't up to their liking.

GiantEnemyCrab3654d ago

Yes, I'm not liking the idea that MS at any time can just kill any piece of content that is on your Xbox 360 at their whim. Good to know. Looks like I won't be connecting to Live until I hear about an official US release.


WOW...GIANTENEMYCRAB just admited MS FUSKS up some times.What has become of u now adays.What hapened to the die hard 360 fan boy that will defend MS know matter what happens?!?!?!?!?

GiantEnemyCrab3654d ago

Ive complained about MS many times. I am a fanboy of the system but not to the extreme that whatever MS does is perfect.

ukilnme3654d ago

This is some major bs MS. Why the he11 isn't the demo open to all regions in the first place? Am I paying $50 a year for Live for this kind of crap? Will this kind of crap happen on PSN? Why does this piss me off so much? Can somebody slap me please?

Draperc3654d ago

*slap* feel better? =/ On topic, I wish they would release the demo in the US already, but glad to know we'll get some info about that next week.

UltimateIdiot9113654d ago

Nope, everything is region free on PSN except videos.

ukilnme3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Thanks, I feel better. My anger got the better of me because I'm still at work and I want to play this region locked demo. It will be my first Resident Evil tryout. They need to open it up to the US already.


I'm also pissed because I'm ready to get home to try out Home.

Edit 2:

@ So Easy I Can Do It

LOL. Take a hike buddy. I'm the only approved caveman here on N4G.

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